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First Anniversary Contest Voting

The voting for's First Anniversary Contest is now open! Use the poll below to vote for the video which was the funniest or most entertaining, keeping the contest rules in mind.

Before you vote, though, you'll need to download and watch the videos first. Use the instructions in this forum post to download the contest entries using BitTorrent. As mentioned in the post, feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

If you are unable to get BitTorrent working due to computer or internet problems, we also have links available to directly download the entries. This option should only be used if absolutely necessary, so in order to view the links, type this text into the box below: BitTorrent does not work on my computer

Contest #1: Which video is the funniest/most entertaining?
"All Your Big" by RP52
 [tally] 8%
Big O movie.wmv by Conrad
 [tally] 4%
"Godzilla visits Paradigm City" by Negotiator_JV
 [tally] 7%
"Big O - Date with the Devil" by Gary "IamRogerSmith" Hagins
 [tally] 41%
"Big O - THE MOVIE!" by Evan
 [tally] 12%
His_Name_Is_Bob.wmv by TDF Studios and Shaoblane
 [tally] 25%
"Big O World" by Pygmalion
 [tally] 4%
votes: 106
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