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Beck Comes Back Again

As Roger awoke he saw it was 2:15 and knew something was wrong when he realized Dorothy hadn't woken him up. Had something happened to her? He looked around the room to find Dorothy sleeping next to him. 'Oh something happened to her all right,' he thought when he saw her dress on his chair. Roger pulls up the black comforter to reveal Dorothy's body and he quickly replaced them. Roger thought to himself 'Why did you have to check?' as Dorothy came to. "Good Morning honey," she said, leaning to press her lips to his. Roger was shocked as he let her and kissed her back. "Master Roger," Norman said, knocking on the door, "You have a visitor." Roger was annoyed to find himself upset to leave the bed with Dorothy. He angrily got dressed as Dorothy watched him. He began walking with Dorothy (who was wearing one of his white shirts.). He told her to wait by the window because of her appearance.

Angel was waiting for Roger by his sofa. "Norman, I'm forbidding you to let this woman in my house again," he said under his breath. "Good evening Mr. Negotiator," she said, greeting him with a smile. They sat down beginning a nice conversation when Angel asked to continue at dinner. She casually scooted nearer to Roger. He raised his eyebrow at her and said, standing, "Thank you for the offer Miss. Angel, but I will have to pass." A short while later Dorothy walked into the room. "Roger-dear dinner is ready," she said. "Well good-bye Roger Smith," Angel said showing herself out. After eating his dinner, Roger walked out onto his balcony. A short time later there was the sound of a machine gun and Dorothy's scream from inside the house. At that he rushed in to find Norman motionless in a puddle of blood. "Norman?" Roger said with a tinge of fear in his voice "Oh no Dorothy!" "DOROTHY!" He screamed throughout the house. Last he went to his room to find Dorothy over the toilet, blood erupting from her mouth "Roger... I wanted to tell you something." "What?" Roger said, scared for her life.

"What is it Roger?" R. Dorothy said as Roger came to. Cold sweat was on his forehead. "Dorothy?" "Yes, you yelled my name." "Oh did I?" he said, getting up. "Dorothy...You wanted to tell me something." "No. You screamed and I came to see if something was wrong," she replied curiously. "I had a nightmare but... it seemed so real. You... well you were human, Norman... Norman where is Norman?" "Sleeping like any sensible man would at this hour." Roger quickly glanced at the clock to find it was exactly 2:15 am "Was it in the afternoon?" Roger said to no one in particular. "No, Roger it's morning are you feeling o.k.? Do you want me to get Norman?" "No. I would just like you to stay with me." "I will do that Roger Smith," she said, striding over to his bedside. Roger fell asleep to Dorothy's kind face as Beck Gold came through his window.

Roger woke up with the same nightmare. He sought comfort in Dorothy when he realized she was gone and only her headband remained. "BECK!!!!!!!" Roger yelled.

No side. To be continued...Dorothy's Missing
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