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Eve of the Hurricane


In the huge underground chamber, Norman and his helpers crawled over the prone remains of Dorothy One. Two hundred yards away, Big O stood, immobile and serene. Normally, it would have gone up to the mansion. However, both Norman and Roger felt that it would be better here in case Dorothy One should revive yet again.

Near its head, Dorothy and Roger Smith watched as the core memory systems were pulled.

"Where did they come from, Roger?"

Startled by the suddenness of the question, Roger took a second or two to reply. "What was that, dear?"

"The other Megadeuses - or Megadei. The ones that aren't Bigs."

"So what about Osrail, Dagon, Bonaparte ... ?"

"And Glinda," Dorothy added. "My father designed Glinda, and Dorothy Prime named her, but Glinda was only a model - she was not ever built."

"Until after the Event," Roger finished. "So Megadei were designed and created after the Event. But building a Megadeus requires resources, trained personnel, and an industrial base. It took almost five years to create Dorothy One, and I doubt any industrial center in Paradigm City could have built another before that."

"So where did all those other Megadei come from, Roger-dear?"

Roger looked up at the shell that had been Dorothy One as the crane gently lowered the block that had been its brain. "I have no idea."

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