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Indecision: Roger's Journal Entry

May 17

It has been about 6 or 7 weeks since the battle with the Megadeuses.

Norman has been working on Dorothy since then, despite his healing broken rib and gashed head. One Megadeus, one of the foreigners,í had crushed her with its bare hand. We were lucky to recover most of her pieces. It has been a difficult process so far. Everyday I hope that she will be back to normal, but my faith is wearing thin.

All the dormant Megadeuses were pitted against Big O and me, as if they had woken from their graves for revenge. They brought all this fire, destruction, sleeping anger into the city of Paradigm, and shed gallons of blood. We were able to destroy them again, but they left Big O half intact. He had fallen like a warrior in battle onto the street and destroyed some of the buildings upon impact. Luckily we were still able to transport him back home.

I myself came back to my destroyed home injured with a broken arm.

Seeing the condition we are all in now, Iím not sure if I can continue with this any longer. All these people, all these Megadeuses, they are all after me, and because of that, Big O, Norman, DorothyÖ they are key targets in this plight as well. What should I do? Iím considering leaving, but then again, no. Iíd be running, and Roger Smith is not a man of running. But is my pride more important than those I care for?

Iíve been conflicting this for so long that Iíve been giving myself headaches.

Iíve been either waking up too late or too early. I wake up too early because I cannot refrain from thinking about what to do. Iíve been waking up too late because Dorothy isnít there to wake me up.

Stay or leave? Leave or stay? Stay and get us all killed, or leave and abandon my friends, my pride, and my sense of duty for this city. Not very many options, and none are good. Whatever I choose to do, though, I know I am going to regret it.
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