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A Letter from Schwarzwald

Dear Mr. Negotiator,

I recall that you never answered my question: Do we control them, or do they control us? Don't bother contemplating it any further, now that I've reminded you; I don't need the answer. Funny, isn't it? How a reporter such as myself and a lap dog like you could possibly cross paths in the way that we did? When I piloted Big Duo, and fought you. When I said one of the Bigs had to go... was that the truth?

Perhaps my search for the truth was a mistake, a facade that I hid behind to shield myself from the real truth; that life is a grand illusion, perpetuated by memories, that the only truth is that there is no truth. There have many times when I've believed it was best for me to quit, to end my quest and finally fade into the darkness that consistently threatens to consume me.

Don't misunderstand my words, Roger Smith! I haven't become a disbeliever! I haven't stopped searching! I will never stop searching for the truth. Even so, as dedicated as I am, I still have doubts. But those doubts are what push me on! My doubts, the doubts of those others who also seek the truth, the ones who disbelieve the truth can be found, and those who believe there is no truth! They spur my search ever forward! Because those doubts and that disbelief are wrong!
The truth exists, and I will find it!

However, I have not found that one truth. And so, my journey will continue, forever if need be, no matter what or who stands in my way. For you see, Roger Smith: I am not a puppet. I am not a lap dog. I am not a negotiator. I am one who will find the truth. And I will never give up.

Signed, Schwarzwald

Roger lowered the sheet of paper, staring off into the night sky.
"...good luck."
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