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Fanfic #001 Codename: Megadeus

Act:1X - The Mysterious Traveler

The rain continued to pour. "Hmph. The perfect weather for me to arrive in. I wonder if I am doing the right thing by selling him these parts. Rumor has it he has enough parts to rebuild one. So, why does he need me? My talent is not easy to come by, so why do I come here? Why does Rosewater want to rebuild the red Big when it already lost to the black one? No matter. As long as I get what I came here for, or should I say who I came here for." A large cargo ship pulled into port that night. No one in Paradigm had seen a ship this big before. Yet, only one person left it, a young man about 16 or 17 years old. He waved his hand at the ladder he climbed off of and it went back onto the ship. Clad in a large hood and cloak, he walked toward the domes.

It was now morning. The rain had stopped, but it was still too cold for Roger to leave his bed. "At least I woke up on my own, instead of having Dorothy wake me up with her piano torture. Hmm, only 9:48. I can still sleep some more." Roger Smith curled up and fell back to sleep. Little did he know that Dorothy was getting ready to go shopping with Norman, so he gets to sleep in later than he planned to.

It was now 2:35. "Ah, now thats what I call a good nights rest," said Paradigm's top Negotiator as he woke. He donned his slippers and looked toward the clock. "What the!? It's 2:38 already. I wonder why Dorothy hasn't woken me up in her usual manner?" he thought for a moment. "It's not wise to look a gift horse in the mouth." He donned his robe and looked outside. "Paradigm City always looks its best after a rainstorm. It looks so clean you wouldn't expect it to have the problems it does. Oh well. Nothings perfect. Except Angel," Roger said quietly to himself.

Now time for some breakfast. He walked down the stairs into the kitchen. Odd, there was no sound of Norman. There was a note on his place mat from Norman. It read:

"Master Roger,
Dorothy and I have gone to get some groceries. As well as some parts to maintain the Griffon and Dorothy. We left sometime around 10:00. I will also pick up your suit from the cleaners. You looked like you where having a good dream so I had Dorothy come with me. I know how much you hate to be woken up by her. We will be gone for quite a while as the Griffon will be in the shop alongside my motorcycle. We will be back when we can. If we're lucky we'll be home at 5:00-6:00. Please put on the roast I have marinating in the fridge at 3:00 at 350 degrees. It will be ready by 6:00. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Well it looks like I have a day off. Time to enjoy myself. Now, where did I put my Yu-gi-oh cards?

At the store, Norman was looking at the vegetables trying to decide what he wanted to prepare for dinner the coming week. "Hmm? So, you come here too, huh?" said a female voice behind him. Norman looked. It was Angel. "So, this is how Roger stays so healthy. He has you do the cooking for him. I suppose he would have to have someone do it for him." "Ah, Ms. Angel. How good it is to see you. Encounters like these are why I prefer to do the shopping. It isn't every day a man of my age is greeted by such a lovely woman like yourself." Angel chuckled. "Thank you for the compliment. Too bad Roger isn't so charming." "It is difficult for a louse to be anything but a louse," Dorothy interjected. "Norman, I have purchased the fuels and oils. There was a good sale on the larger quantities, so I bought enough to last us for a minimum of a month. I also picked up some of that gel that you and Roger use. The one designed for facial hair." Angel's eyes widened "So, THAT'S how he gets his eyebrows like that. What brand did you get?" she said with a grin. Dorothy replied by reading the bottle's logo "The logo says it 'can hold you hair so well you won't even notice it. The hold is so strong some androids use it for their parts.' I recognized the bottle easily as it is the same gel Beck and his crew use. They had a full case of it in the warehouse they kept me in. Also Major Dastun greeted me as he was leaving the aisle and walking toward the check out lane. He had one of the economy-sized bottles." Angel looked ready to bust a gut. "Well it seems that the good guys and the bad guys have something in common besides Paradigm City," Norman said. Angel put a handkerchief over mouth as she could barely contain her laughter. She managed to subdue her chuckles and whipped the water from her eyes. "Well, it was nice chatting with the two of you. I had better hurry up and finish my shopping done. I have some things to do later," she said politely, then proceeded to the check out lane.

Norman turned to Dorothy. "Did you pick up that other gel? The one Master Roger uses when he--" She cut him off with the response. "Yes I did. As well as the latest magazines." "Ah. Good work Dorothy. This should keep him busy for some time. Which gives us time for our music lessons." Dorothy responded, "Speaking of which, do you mind if we go buy the Amadeus? Instro has quite a collection of music. Perhaps we could find some music that fits your playing style." Norman thought for a moment. "Hmm.... very well. We can tell Master Roger that there was a large crowd of people or the car shop had some delays." Dorothy smiled. They bought what they had come there for and left.

Alex Rosewater was sitting comfy in his favorite chair sipping a glass of wine and trying to forget the problems and delays of the construction of the Big Fau. Not to mention the headache of rebuilding and improving the Big Duo. "So, you're the big and powerful Alex Rosewater? For someone of you stature you'd think you'd have better security," a low and calm voice spoke behind him. "And don't even try to sneak up on me you half-metal freak," he said as he turned, pulling out a gun and holding it to Alan's head. Alex stood up and saw a young man holding a gun to Alan's head with his right hand while holding Alan's metal hand with his left. "Whoever you are, I can see that you possess a great deal of skill. Alan, there is no need to attack our guest. If he had wanted to kill me, he would have done so and most likely have killed you too. So, young man, what is it I can do for you?"

He let go of Alan, put his gun away, then turned to Alex. "I hear you're trying to rebuild and enhance a Megadeus. I have the skills and equipment you need to get this done." Alex's' left eyebrow lifted with intrigue. "Go on," he said to the stranger. "I have found some parts for Megadeuses that you may be interested in. As well as you, freak." Alex spoke. "If I am indeed trying to build a Megadeus, why would you tell Alan you have parts that interest him?" The stranger smiled." The parts I have could connect Alan's mind to the Megadeus directly. Thereby solving the little problem of control. For example: if Alan's Megadeus lost its head in battle, it would be defeated. Now, with my equipment attached, his Megadeus could lose its head and he could still operate it. Just so long as the cockpit isn't in the head." Alex spoke, "This is very intriguing, but what do you have for me? Or this Megadeus I'm supposed to have?" "I thought you'd never ask. I have a power source that will give it more power and a quicker cooling system so it can attack faster and more often." Alex's eyes lit up. He was very interested. "The only thing I want is to personally fix the Big Duo. And you will let me do this, unless you have someone at your disposal who possesses the knowledge of aerodynamics and air-to-ground combat." He chuckled sinisterly to himself. "Well, young man, I like what I am hearing from you. If you can repair the Big Duo by yourself than, by all means, go ahead." Alex extended his hand. The stranger shook his hand. "We have a deal then." "Yes we do. Bring the parts to the factory here at the main office. I'll have my best men waiting there for you. I trust that you are telling me the truth, otherwise thing could get messy." The stranger laughed. "No need to worry. The Megadeuses will be completed by the end of the week. Yo, freak. I have a task for you," he pointed to Alan with an evil grin on his face.
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