What do you think Sunrise Inc. should do after Season 2 is over?

Big Duo Ver. 2.0 10-16-2003 04:46 PM
Well here's a poll I came up with after thinking it out for awhile. Well down to buisness. What do you think Sunrise Inc. should do after season 2 has ended? Here are your options:
1. Make a season 3
2. Make a movie that ties up all of the loose ends.
3. Make a manga version of season 3.
4. Post your own idea (what do you think they should do?).

Well there are your options so post away.
R and D 10-16-2003 04:49 PM
i say make a movie that ties up the loose ends and explains how 40 years ago happened. but all ur choices r really good. it took me a while to choose the answer i wanted. to me i think all of those choices should happen. Big Grin
Surtur 10-16-2003 04:56 PM
As much as i want season 3, i think a movie would rule all.
Mike 10-16-2003 04:57 PM
I think they should take the movie or OVA route with it. A whole new season would be excessive, but a 6 or 10 episode OVA sould be good.
Mega Dominus 10-16-2003 05:20 PM
Movie...on IMAX screens!!!! (someone else's idea, sorry but I forgot who!)

BIG O! SHOWTIME!!! *Rumbles across EIGHT stories of projector screen*
Mike 10-16-2003 05:46 PM
Originally posted by Mega Dominus
Movie...on IMAX screens!!!! (someone else's idea, sorry but I forgot who!)

BIG O! SHOWTIME!!! *Rumbles across EIGHT stories of projector screen*

More like
*The screen is so huge that Big O appears even bigger than real life!*

That would own.
C.R Foxhound 10-16-2003 05:50 PM
Imax Big O.....


How about they make an ova release it over here FIRST and put in all kinda really cool big o crap

Hell, japanese anime fans get all kinda super special collectors editions packages, i think the US fans finally deserve one, Hell, were the reason season 2 was made
Volt 10-16-2003 05:58 PM
I would love 2 movies. The first one could be Season 2 in a nutshell, but with most of it redone. So, all the fight scenes would be different, but story wise the same (like the Gundam movies). The second would be one that explained The Event, and a few loose ends. I would buy those right off the bat.
Gummibear 10-16-2003 06:36 PM
Movie would be cool to discuss the events of forty years ago.
But however I still will need my Big O fix, if they can pull off a third season as brilliantly as they did this season than why not? Smile I know they can do it I mean the people are brilliant. Big Grin But rather than risk it sometimes it is best to let things be. BUT I STILL WANT A THIRD SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
perfectturmoil 10-16-2003 07:36 PM
i was just thinkin..

how cool would a two act movie be? it wouldnt be anything out of the ordinary for big o, being set up in "acts" anyway.

if it was a 2 hour movie, they could do an hours worth of pre event stuff, that all wraps up into whatever happened.

then, the last hour can be post season 2. maybe a short overview type thing of the series..

that would be kinda nifty.
Almasy 10-16-2003 07:39 PM
Definitely make a movie that ties up all of the loose ends.
Shady Dark Lady 10-16-2003 08:04 PM
I voted for a season 3, but I want another season, more manga and a movie!! I want it all!!! Must Have More BIG O....More DOROTHY!!!
Quint 10-16-2003 08:20 PM
duuuuuuu i dony know....of course a season 3 but a movie would be great....not as much as a season 3...
Malkhos 10-16-2003 08:38 PM
Big O is certianly intersting, but the problem with episodic TV is that the conventions of the series soon become too restrictive and theoriginal impetus of ideas falls short (look at Six Feet Under; its nothing short of a miracle that Samuri Jack is going as well as it is).

What would be better is an entirely new concept developed by the core creative team.
Big Fau 10-16-2003 08:53 PM
i voted for a season 3 and a movie...cause why have one when you can have two? Big Grin
s-girl 10-16-2003 11:51 PM
Sunrise is suuuuuure going to be busy next year with another season of Gundam SEED and INuyasha. These are the two franchises with a lot more pull, esp. since SEED is kicking every show's butt out there this season.

So I'd take whatever is offered, but I think there is less money for them to go the movie route without guaranteed broadcast here in the U.S. and some idea of sales. Problem with movies in Japan is that the people who watch them generally are fans, and the stories have to be self contained and highly popular to spawn movies. And they don't do all that well overseas, so making a movie for the North American audience doesn't seem likely. (Sunrise saw nothing happen with Escaflowne, remember? It got backing from a Korean company to do that movie and was much more popular outside the U.S. So again, the U.S. doesn't show its weight in terms of anime movies.)

So the OVA/OAV route is another option -- but again, these are highly popular series that usually spawn the OVA/OAVs.

In my opinion, the full season 3 is the model that makes the most profit for Sunrise to continue.... and think it's the one that makes more sense for Cartoon Network to back as well. Another 26 brings the BIgO series up to 52, which is a great number for syndication and also helps make BigO profitable for the retail distributors since it will necessitate probably 5-6 DVDs.
Black Phoenix 10-17-2003 12:06 AM
Personally, I strongly advocate a third season . . . assuming something doesn't happen in the last two episodes that *finializes* the series.

I don't want Big O to go on forever and ever . . . so many other things have been destroyed like that . . . but as of now I still see one more season for Big O (two is probably too many).

My reasons:

The people who made season two offered AS the option of ordering more seasons, so I seriously doubt that they wouldn't have something else in mind for the series. Why offer more seasons if you have nothing to go on? It's not like Big O is so popular that new episodes would rake in money even if they totally sucked . . . New episodes would have to be at least somewhat good or they would totally tank . . .

More importantly, I really can't see the series being *finalized* in the next two episodes. By finalized, I mean brought to the point at which the story naturally ends . . . vague I know . . . Take season one for example: Now that was a horrible ending to a series (I think) because it offered no finality whatsoever. The plot wasn't even remotely resolved. Heck, it even says "to be continued". Now take Cowboy Bebop. Without spoiling the ending, I'll just say that it would be stupid to clamor for more episodes. The story ended. Not nearly all of my questions were cleared up but the ending was quite satisfactory nevertheless.

Soooo . . . what about Big O? I *don't* want everything to be wrapped up neatly and tied with a bow. Leaving issues to the imagination is absolutely essential. I also don't want another end to Big O that is not final. If there is naturally more to tell, then bring it on! And at this point, I really can't see finality on the horizon unless something really really screwy happens.

Well, enough for this essay . . . obviously I voted for season three . . .
Executor 10-17-2003 12:25 AM
I'm going to sit around and scream for more seasons until I get some Roger/Dorothy love, goddamnit! Mad
"Yeah, but..." 10-17-2003 01:24 AM
ITA, Black Phoenix. How *final* will Act 26 be? Cowboy Bebop ended and there were still questions, but Big O is all about questions. How many of them will be answered, and will that be satisfactory? I wouldn't want Big O to jump the shark, but if Sunrise feels there's more to the story, then by all means expand the story.
Schattenjager 10-17-2003 01:39 AM
Third season, all the way. In fact, I wish there was already a third season being worked on. I don't want to have to wait as long for 3 as I did for two. Though, I can have SOME patience as long as it doesn't end in the same manner as season one did. But, from the spoilers I've read, I have a feeling I'm going to be left staring at my tv, screaming out, "And!?!? That's it? You can't stop it there!" just like with the first season.

Movie, I'd like to see that, but I'd prefer a third season over the movie if it were one over the other. A movie would be two hours, but more likely only an hour and a half. That's only the rough equivalent of 4 episodes or so. Ideally, a third season, with a movie to follow that up and put a cap on the series is what I'd like to see, but I know that's unlikely.

As to the manga, I read the first one that was released, and it really didn't do anything for me. Though, if that's all we get, I'd grit my teeth and read it, I'd much rather have something, anything else. Of course, I have noticed right off that there are several big fans of the manga here, so I'm probably alone in that regard.