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Alan Gabriel

Name:Alan GabrielAlan Gabriel
Eyes:Unknown (covered)
First Appeared:Ep. 14
Half machine, half man, the android agent of Paradigm Corporation seems to have found the good graces of Alex Rosewater. Brought on board to replace the services of Angel, Alan Gabriel is as enigmatic as his predecessor, but more sadistic as well. Making his first appearance while thwarting one of Roger Smith's case, this robotic fiend loves bringing pain and chaos wherever he turns up. Sadistic, cunning, and aggressive, this spy among spies, enjoys his role among the other players on the stage that is Paradigm City. Quick to follow the instruction of Alex Rosewater, Alan does not hide his true motives: To take possession of both the city's memories and control of Paradigm Corporation. With an unquenchable thirst to bring as much pain and anarchy to the lives of Paradigm's citizens, Alan gets thrills from torturing the lives of the innocent.
Although his services are rendered by Alex Rosewater, Gabriel appears to be gun for hire. A mercenary who mysteriously shows up within the city limits, Alan's loyalties are unknown. His psychotic nature seems to control the majority of his decisions and actions. If the scenario involves pain, Alan is probably not far behind. A truly evil being, Alan revels in the disorder he brings to every life he touches. What, or who, can stop a maniac but perhaps a maniac himself?
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