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Alex Rosewater

Name:Alex RosewaterAlex Rosewater
First Appeared:Ep. 4
Occupation:CEO of Paradigm Corp.
The current President and CEO of Paradigm Corporation. This powerful man has inherited the municipal empire of Paradigm City. As the chairman of Paradigm Corporation and son of Gordon Rosewater, Alex is at the heart of Paradigm City and is behind the controlling entity that runs the city. The purpose of Paradigm Corporation: to keep the citizens safe, while furthering Paradigm Corp.'s power and influence. While cultivating the lost memories of Paradigm, there is little that Alex doesn't know or have influence over. Sitting atop Paradigm Corp.'s massive tower, Alex looks down upon his civic empire with lust and greed. Though calm and collected, Alex is an expert manipulator and schemer who has the purse strings to get what he wants, when he wants it. The majority of the time, it results in the services of Roger Smith. Though quietly lurking in the shadows of Paradigm Corporation's massive vail, Alex is poised for the right time to finally conquer the lack of memories that keep haunting the city and its people.
There is little that goes on within the domed city that Alex does not already have knowledge of. Most of the time, Rosewater is the one manipulating the events that require Roger Smith's services. As the son of Gordon Rosewater, Alex feels he has the right and privilege of inheriting the mantle of power that CEO of Paradigm Corp. entrusts. Having key figures in the city under his control affords such confidence. With Angel and Alan Gabriel as his eyes and ears, Dan Dastun as his heart and soul, and Roger Smith as his fingers and hands, there is little that Alex cannot accomplish through his position of power. Though his goals may seem just at first, lurking under the surface is a darkness waiting to be let out.
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