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First Appeared:Ep. 1
Beck Gold is a wise-cracking, arrogant, 2-bit hustler who lives the life of a criminal. Perhaps a reputable personality in a previous life, the suave Beck Gold exudes confidence and polish similar to a bank manager. He possesses traits that allow many to trust him, warm up to him, and ultimately be robbed blindly by him. Eccentric in his own way, if it weren't for his general sloppiness, Beck could easily be considered a criminal mastermind and genius. However, his lack of attention to detail and dysfunctional managerial skills seem to always land him and his gang in the Paradigm City jail. Wiry, hyper, and easily excitable, wherever Beck goes, surely trouble follows.
What appears to be an inherent flaw within Beck's personality, this criminal with seemingly endless potential never seems to fulfill it. Beck's ideas and methods for realizing them appear as though they have been methodically planned out by a genius. His goofy demeanor and dramatic desire for effect seem to hamstring him at the climax of his well thought out plans. Not one to overlook artistic creativity and a thrill for the dramatic flare, Beck appears to be a victim of his own making. While conscientious of the end goal, his struggles with implementation seem to doom Beck's plans before they even get started. Although Beck spends much of his time in jail, he is the victim of an awkward predicament and consequently plays a vital role in the future of Paradigm City.
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