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Big Ear

Name:Big EarBig Ear
First Appeared:Ep. 1
Among the inhabitants of Paradigm City, there appears to be a soothsayer who knows of the future. When a case appears to be going nowhere, Roger relies on his best informant, the newspaper reading Big Ear. Though not claiming to be a gypsy, and far from being human himself, the android known as Big Ear is influential to Roger Smith in many ways. The spectacled Big Ear always has an eye on news and an ear on the streets. Complete with glasses and an earpiece, Big Ear takes on the appearance of a private investigator. However he may appear on the surface, Big Ear does not hide his true purpose or identity: He is what he is, plain and simple, a resource of information. For a fee, of course, Big Ear is more than happy to help Roger solve his confusing cases by supplying the expert negotiator with mysterious riddle-filled information of his own. Hanging out in his favorite establishment, The Speakeasy, Big Ear is Roger's word on the street that contains a plethora of clues to the mystery that is Paradigm City.
Big Ear can always be found, no matter how hairy things may get for Roger during his many cases. As simply a supplier of information, Big Ear is one of the few people Roger trusts and knows how he stands with. Always current with the news of Paradigm, Big Ear is a vital resource that Roger uses frequently to unravel the clues he has gathered during his investigations.
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