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R. Dorothy Wayneright

Name:R. Dorothy WaynerightR. Dorothy Wayneright
Age:Appears 18
Eyes:Black/Violet (human)
First Appeared:Ep. 1
Occupation:Roger's Housekeeper
Created by the late Soldano and bank rolled by the aristocrat Timothy Waynewright, R. Dorothy Waynewright, or Dorothy, is an android created to fill the void left by the passing of Timothy Waynewright's real daughter, Dorothy Waynewright. This android is at the heart of Roger's first case we see in Paradigm City. Made of metal and steel, this android is precise, cold, unemotional, thorough, and exacting. Her role is that of helping Norman with chores around the Smith Mansion. Norman, no doubt, immediately sees a kinship and welcomes her with open arms into the Roger's home. Much to the chagrin of Roger, R. Dorothy acts as Norman's tag-team partner in changing Roger's self controlling nature. The dynamic relationship between all three will undoubtedly change the environment of Smith Mansion and Paradigm City forever.
Sharing a special bond with Soldano's other robot creation, Dorothy 1, R. Dorothy Waynewright surely hasn't been created solely to exist as a housekeeper, has she? Though possessing qualities similar to Roger, her unwitting "personality" seems to keep him at bay, or does it? An enigmatic android with a yearning to know more about herself and human nature, Dorothy takes a long look at her destiny and how it is forever linked to Paradigm City through her creator's underlying motives. What is her true role? What piece does she fulfill within the struggle for Paradigm City puzzle?
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