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Gordon Rosewater

Name:Gordon RosewaterGordon Rosewater
First Appeared:Ep. 13
Occupation:Tomato Farmer
The old man of Ailesberry Farm is more than just a farmer. As founder of the Paradigm Corporation, Gordon Rosewater stakes claim to being the founder of Paradigm City as well. The creator of the domed structures that protect what is left of the city, Gordon blueprinted what is now his legacy: Paradigm City. As CEO of Paradigm Corporation, Gordon brought the company to prominence shortly after the cataclysmic memory-erasing incident known only as "The Event." As his health deteriorated and his age increased, Gordon passed on his empire to his son Alex, to further the expansion of Paradigm Corporation's influence. Moving to the suburbs, Gordon has a close eye on his son and refuses to intervene in the War for Paradigm no matter how dismayed he may be over Alex's actions Fully retired and living peacefully, Gordon holds the long lost knowledge of Paradigm's past, and perhaps the key to its future. With the fate of Paradigm hanging in the balance, what will Gordon do and which path will he choose to follow, that of change or that of furthering a legacy?
Gordon Rosewater is the unquestioned founder of Paradigm City. Gordon watched his power and influence grow shortly after "The Event." However, since then he has turned over the power of the city to his son, Alex Rosewater. Perhaps regretting the decision he made over who his successor would be, Gordon moved to the suburban Ailesberry Farm keeping his distance from the empire he built. Why did Gordon throw away the power he afforded as CEO of Paradigm Corporation? Although Alex Rosewater is his son, Gordon appears to acknowledge a relation strictly in name. What is Gordon so ashamed about that it caused him to turn and run from the city he built himself? With the chips falling into place, what fate does Gordon have in the impending destiny of Paradigm City?
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