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Norman Burg

Name:Norman BurgNorman Burg
First Appeared:Ep. 1
Occupation:Roger's Butler
The epitome of class and integrity, Norman serves Roger as his loyal butler with undying devotion. Having been a constant presence at Smith Mansion for years, Norman feels comfortable with his duties and relishes his important role in Roger's life. A life of servitude doesn't seem to bother Norman, as he sees it as an honor to aid in Roger's life and profession. Norman is guardian to the Smith Keep, and provides a home base for Roger while he is scrounging the streets of Paradigm searching for resolution to his latest case. Without thought, Norman maintains Big O in perfect condition and keeps it at the ready for when Roger may need it next.
With the arrival of a new presence in the Smith household, Norman has seen a renewed vigor with Roger's focus to his job. Norman has changed as well, for now his long buried rebelliousness has come to surface. Watching and listening with keen eyes and ears, Norman never misses the opportunity to point out the inherent flaws with some of Roger's ironclad rules. However, this "insubordination" is merely Norman's way to let off steam.
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