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R-D (Red-Destiny)

Name:R-D (Red-Destiny)R-D (Red-Destiny)
First Appeared:Ep. 13
Roger Smith takes on a case involving a serial killer who leaves the initials "R.D." at the scene of each crime. R-D is the psychotic entity behind the mysterious murders involving citizens who've uncovered repressed memories. R-D appears tob e created within the same laboratory Soldano created R. Dorothy Wayneright. Bearing strikingly similar features to R. Dorothy, R-D appears to be an android herself, causing more confusion for Roger on the case. Whereas R. Dorothy has begun revealing human emotions, R-D remains cold, calculating, and raw with her emotions, or lack thereof. Expressing enjoyment over her "conquests" R-D shows little remorse for her actions, nor does she reveal any other purpose besides killing. A mechanical being, as primitive as can be, this android assassin brings terror to Paradigm City.
The mysterious R-D shows up quickly and disappears just as fast from Paradigm City. Her actions, though they appear random, all target a similar demographic: those who have uncovered or unlocked memories supposedly forgotten long ago. These memories, no matter what they are of, must've been pretty valuable to cause the maniacal R-D to be activated and go on a rampage. Perhaps therein lies the real issue at hand. Who created this vile being? Who allowed her to come to life? Possibly the answer is the only person who could benefit from preventing these uncovered memories from being discovered...
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