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Roger Smith

Name:Roger SmithRoger Smith
First Appeared:Ep. 1
Calm, Cool, Collected, and Slick. These describe Paradigm City's top Negotiator, Roger Smith. As a former Paradigm City police officer, Roger has the training and knack for finding a resolution to any case no matter how sticky the situation may become. His calling requires emotional detachment, as he has no preference to how a dispute or situation is settled. His job is simply to aid in finding a resolution to Paradigm City's many conundrums. Showing little loyalty to anyone in his life save for his butler Norman, this bachelor's skills go to the highest bidder, no matter what his clients motives are. Thorough, exacting, organized, and to an extent, retentive, Roger believes in the presence of rules that must be followed within his household. Aside from his unfaltering belief in the military theory of a chain of command hierarchy, he shows a rebelliousness and uses an unconventional approach to his job that can be abrasive to those who know him. Roger is the best at what he does, and he is compensated greatly for his talent, as evidenced by the many "tools of the trade" he utilizes during his cases, none more important than his Megadeus Big O.
Has a chance occurrence with a young lady perhaps changed this lone wolf? Where once status, privilege, honor, and job completion served as motivation for this Negotiator, the appearance of a certain someone has seemed to change and unlock an emotional driving force deep within Roger. This force: loyalty, concern, love? As foreign as it is to Roger, it is just as foreign to the rest of Paradigm; however, it has renewed a focus within Roger that has caused him to change his neutral stance and take up a side in the secret undergound War for Paradigm.
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