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Vera Ronstadt

Name:Vera RonstadtVera Ronstadt
Hair:Dirty Blonde/Brown
First Appeared:Ep. 20
The mysterious Vera involves herself as a third party behind the scenes of the Paradigm City War. Stubborn, old fashioned, efficient, determined, and diligent, Vera is focused on one thing: achieving her goal completely. Frustrated with her role as an outcast from Paradigm City, Vera takes it upon herself to recruit willing individuals to her cause of recovering and cultivating Paradigm City's lost memories. With this undiscovered power within her grasp, she can then fulfill her ultimate goal, the renewal of Paradigm City to its former glory. Obsessive and defiant of the current bureaucracy, Vera turns her internal hurt and struggle into a residual pleasure while exacting pain on others on the path to her goal. A very demanding lady, Vera will not accept failure at any costs. A master tactician full of surprises, Vera has her agents strategically placed throughout Paradigm City waiting for the chance to see her plans come to fruition.
Somewhat psychotic in her desire to see the end of the Rosewater family's reign over Paradigm City, Vera will stop at nothing to see the current regime toppled. Poised to lash out and strike Paradigm Corporation at its weakest point, Vera lies in wait, whetting her appetite through her agents' tireless work of recovering lost memories. Vera's fate is certainly connected to the result of the impending War for Paradigm City. The master of Vera's destiny, however, is not Vera herself, but her unsuspecting "daughter" who ultimately has the power to decide the outcome of the War of Paradigm and the fate of the city.
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