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Beck Victory Deluxe

Beck Victory Deluxe
Beck Victory Deluxe first appeared in episode 9 to help Beck escape from prison. This self-named robot seems to have been custom designed by Beck since it matches his personality and favorite color. Beck uses this robot again later in the episode in an attempt to get even with Roger, but Beck Victory Deluxe's weapons prove ineffective against Big O. Roger uses Big O's Arm Pistons to remove the robot's head, destroying Beck Victory Deluxe. He then delivers the portion of the head containing Beck and his crew to the military police.

Fingertip Beam
Fingertip BeamFingertip Beam
Beck Victory Deluxe can rapidly spin its hands to form cone shapes from which laser beams can be fired.

These missiles can be fired from two circular panels in Beck Victory Deluxe's chest area to attack opponents from a distance.

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