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Foreign Megadeuses: Robespierre, Carnot, & Fouche

Foreign Megadeuses
First seen at the end of Act 13, the Foreign Megadeuses came from the sea in order to attack Paradigm City. Roger Smith and Big O fought the Foreign Megadeuses and eventually stopped them. Each of the three megadeuses, however, posed more of a threat than Roger Smith could have imagined. Their true mission was to deliver the parts of a new megadeus: Big Fau. Carnot contained the head, hips and legs; Robespierre contained the shoulders and midsection (including the cockpit); Fouche carried the arms. The megadeuses were then cut up and the parts for Big Fau were assembled together, leaving the rest of the megadeuses to become scrap... Vera Ronstadt, however, had other ideas for the remains.

Each of the three foreign megadeuses is capable of unleashing bolts of electricity from the tips of their hands and from their heads.

One of Carnot's special features is its ability to open and close its "mouth" and use it to crush the enemy or to keep it in one place.

Phonosonic Machine
Phonosonic MachinePhonosonic Machine
Carnot's second special feature appears to be a phonosonic machine, similar to the one the megadeus Constanze used. This device (embedded inside the megadeus) generates phonosonic waves that slowly break apart the enemy.

Robespierre's arms are used as giant drills. These drills can be extended out at the opponent with the megadeus's accordion-like upper arms.

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