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Glinda is another one of the late Timothy Wayneright's creations. Glinda was awakened in episode 15 when Roger Smith, Angel, and R. Dorothy Wayneright discovered a secret inside the old Wayneright mansion. With a design that is certainly more humanoid (and feminine) than the other megadeuses, Glinda was more agile and quicker than Big O. However, despite having the upper hand, Glinda was given an uppercut and was easily destroyed with the use of Big O's O Thunder technique.

Halo Beam
Halo BeamHalo Beam
Of the few attacks seen used by Glinda, this was the most powerful. Energy is built up and concentrated inside the halo on top of Glinda's head. This energy is then released in a bright destructive beam similar to that of the Big O's Chrome Buster, although less powerful.

Stored within a compartment inside Glinda's left leg is a long and very sharp sword. The sword extends out to full length after being extracted. The blade is very sharp and can cause considerable damage with one slash.

Heel Thrusters
Heel ThrustersHeel Thrusters
The "heel" part of Glinda's feet are specially designed to allow Glinda to leap high into the air.

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