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Osrail appeared throughout episode 5, although it was only seen in its true robotic form briefly. A former military police officer, Bonnie Fraser, fell off a bridge in a conflict between the military police and people who live outside the domes, but was rescued by Osrail. When he came to, he knew how to operate the robot, and used its ghostlike projection to terrify military police officers who crossed the bridge. Roger used Big O's radar to discover Osrail's true location by tracking the path of its plasma missiles and destroyed it with Big O's eye lasers.

Fog Generation/Projection
Fog Generation/Projection
Osrail is able to generate a type of fog to help it project a ghostly image. This projection is used as a decoy to prevent opponents from discovering its true location. Osrail can move the projection to create the illusion of disappearing and reappearing.

Plasma Missiles
Plasma Missiles
These powerful blasts are shot from Osrail's actual location in an arc pattern so that they appear to originate from the ghostly projection.

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