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Episode 21 Transcript: "The Third Big"

After a quick re-hash of the previous eps, Roger accepts that he is indeed the domineus of megadeus. The viewscreen goes on and he sees Dorothy being threatened by Gabriel. Somehow, he and Big O have a little talk (we only hear Roger's side) and Big O tells him to go get Dorothy, that it will be fine til he returns.

Roger jumps out and sees Dan; grabs Dan AND Dan's squad car and drives to Grand Central Station where the Union folk are. (Meanwhile, Dan has ordered his men to help Big O in any way possible, so they start firing at Bonaparte, the other Big.)

Angel tries to get Alan to leave Dorothy alone, but is not successful. Just before he hurts Dorothy, the redhead finally pushes him away. Then Roger shows up and attacks Alan. Dan interferes, firing a shot. Gabriel gets away. Dan keeps shooting at him but misses. I think Roger finally realizes he has feelings for Dorothy. He calls Norman to get her and fix her.

Meanwhile Dan acknowledges he feels like a failure because he can't always protect the city, even though it's his job. Roger comforts him, reassuring him he IS important for the citizens, but that sometimes Big O is needed too. Roger then takes Dan's car back to Big O. Dan andAngel briefly talk, and sort of try to comfort each other. Dan gives her back her gun.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Alex gets into Big Fau's cockpit and goes downtown to fight with Bonaparte. He destroys the Union robot, and is very arrogant about his success until Big Fau then starts attacking the city on its own. It refuses to obey Alex, and Alex loses all self-control, whining and whimpering and clinging to the back of the pilot's seat like a frightened child.

Big O shows up. Alex is terrified to see him. Big Fau stands there, and Big O goes up to Big Fau and places its hands on Big Fau's shoulders, as if to comfort it. Big Fau then falls on its knees before Big O. Meanwhile, Alex is stuck inside, screaming, How do I get out of this thing? or words to that effect.

End of episode.
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