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Big O Original Sound Score II Review

The Big O! Original Sound Score For Second Season

1. Sure Promise - Union SQ = 1:56
2. Brick Ballades - Houston St = 2:26
3. Respect - Upper West Side = 2:22
4. Apologine - Bleecker St = 1:54
5. Painful Dream = 1:40
6. Respect - Lower East Side = 1:44
7. Distance = 2:06
8. Solitude = 1:49
9. Dreadful = 1:53
10. Before Dawn = 1:43
11. Prayer - 50th St = 2:11
12. Token = 0:57
13. Divine = 2:11
14. Chain = 2:36
15. Painful Dream - Spring St = 1:37
16. Prayer - 14th St = 2:11
17. Centenary = 1:07
18. Perverse = 1:06
19. Obfuscate = 1:25
20. Prayer - WTC St = 2:12
21. Flag = 1:52
22. And Forever - Grand Central = 1: 39
‘Bonus Track’
23. Regend of First Memory 5:31

Well as it says above, it’s the soundtrack for Season two of Big O. This CD, in my opinion, is somewhat better than the first. The Main reason is that the music sounds more ‘new age’ than in the last one. But if you’ve listened to the first CD, and I’m sure most Big O fans have, You’ll find some new variations of some of the old tracks on here, and some brand new ones to go along with it! I found the CD priced for about the same range as the first cd. It’s about the same length as the total time on the previous soundtrack, but there’s less tracks on this one. Do the math. That means the Musicians finally wised up and made the tracks longer. Yay!

Individual Reviews

1. Sure Promise- Union SQ: Ok, I know the first thing that would pop into anyone’s mind: “What the Hell is the ‘Union SQ’ doing in the title?!”. It’s to indicate that it’s a variation of the original ‘Sure Promise’. This is basically a techno remix of the original. Then they have some decent electrical guitar thrown in about 2/3 into the song. A nice improvement. This first appeared in Act 14 when Roger regains control of Big O.

2. Brick Ballades: This is the track that was ‘missing’ in the first CD. It’s the first variation of Roger’s theme that first appeared back in Act 1. So why is it on the season two disc?! I haven’t quite figured it out yet. (I guess adding this to the season one disc would make it seem too unusual. Think about it: 30 tracks on one cd? Kinda iffy. Then again, the tracks were Hell short on the first cd.) Anyway, it’s the original version with the sax. And yes we do hear it in season 2. Why else would they put it on the disc?

3. Respect- Upper West Side: This track we hear once during the opening credits to Act 16. I swear I heard Roger’s theme somewhere in this track, but it may be one in itself. Oh well, it has the ‘Upper West Side’ in the title, so that means there’s another variation of it. But this track is the ‘full’ version of the music we hear in the opening. Like the rest of the series, this music was modified to match the length of the opening video. It has a sort of techno beat to it, but like I said. This CD is more of a ‘new age’ style than the first one.

4. Apologine: The title sounds like apologize, and so does the track. I know I hear part of Roger’s theme in this track, but then it blends into its own tune. Some violin, snare drum, a few horns all add to the emotion displayed while this is first played in Act 14. FYI: I don’t know a dang thing when I talk about instruments. I’m no musician, believe me.

5. Painful Dream: This again sounds like it has part of Roger’s theme in it, but I might be wrong. It may be another original. It’s pretty much all piano. A gloomy, dark, and melancholy sounding track. I’m pretty sure it’s played in episode 14. (I’m tired of calling the episodes acts, aren’t you?)

6. Respect- Lower East Side: Ok I’m going to drop the odd titles subject. We get the idea that they indicate the difference between similar tracks. Obviously this is a variation of Respect. It has some sort of keyboard playing in it. Along with electric guitar, and that’s pretty much it, with the exception of necessary drums and stuff. Oh Blah! I remember first hearing it in episode 16, when Roger confronted Alex Rosewater. After watching this scene, I begin to conclude that this may be Alex’s theme. It’s possible....

7. Distance- A sad or romantic moment. Both of these moods are displayed in the series when this track is played. Either way, it’s another variation of Roger’s theme, only slow and played mainly with the string family. It’s first played when Kelly is mourning the death of her husband in episode 15.

8. Solitude- a piano based beginning, then it builds up and more instruments start playing, whoop di do. I’m certain this is first played when Roger is being driven ‘where he used to come from’ in episode 14. Another one of those dark and creepy tracks if you ask me.

9. Dreadful- This sounds like a variation of Painful dream, but it might be an original. Most of this track is electric guitar based, but it’s another dark and gloomy track. First heard when the unfinished android is awakened in episode 15.

10. Before Dawn- An interesting and unusual track for this CD. I’m not exactly sure when it’s played but I’m thinking it’s when Roger and Angel are alone at the beach. This track has a slow almost romantic tone to it. To be honest, I don’t really like tracks like that, but who cares about what I think.

11. Prayer- 50th St: This track is played when some city people are singing in church in episode 17. It’s sung in a different language so I can’t tell what the lyrics are. This is one of the only tracks on this cd that has lyrics. Well, it has words anyway. There’s just an organ playing, it’s the people’s singing that really make it music or whatever.

12. Token: Probably my second favorite track on this cd. Too bad it’s SO DAMN SHORT! But it makes use of it’s 57 seconds of fame. If you’ve seen when this track was played in the series, you’d classify it as that music which is played when giant transforming robots are about to battle. I don’t know what makes it this way, but who cares. The track is awesome, live with it!

13. Divine: Another track in which I have no idea when it’s played in the series. But to me, it sounds like something straight out of a Disney Animated film. Again, I don’t know why. But like I said, I’m no musician. I assume this was used to express a sort of happy emotion.

14. Chain: It’s sounds like it might be another variation of Respect, but it’s also partially an original tune. It presents a sort of old western style to it. I can’t remember when it was first played, but I know it was played when Big Fau was inoperative with Alex inside. It’s the longest of the three variations of Respect.

15. Painful Dream- Spring St: Yet another dark and gloomy track. It’s basically the same as the original, but the notes are lower, and there’s no electric guitar. I’m pretty sure it’s first played in episode 14.

16. Prayer- 14th St: The second variation of Prayer. The sound in the background makes it sound like the people of Paradigm are singing outside. In episode 16 this is exactly what happens. There are no instruments playing over the singing voices, so I can’t tell what’s being used.

17. Centenary: Sounds like something straight from the middle ages. Nice music for an old fashioned festival or celebration, but play this at a party and be expected to get thrown out right away. For once I’m for the shortness of these tracks. This isn’t exactly the best one, but to get to the facts, this was played during the celebration of ‘the advent’ in episode 16.

18. Perverse: No, it’s not ‘perverted’. It’s one of the sillier tracks on this cd. I’m almost certain the tune is derived from ‘Apparel’ from season one. It’s played when Beck is celebrating his victory in front of Roger in episode 18. A very good improvement of the old Apparel track if you ask me.

19. Obfuscate: Such an odd word. I’ve never heard it before, have you? I have to give props to this track, it’s my favorite on this CD, well almost my favorite. It presents a mysterious, and secretive emotion. I don’t recognize any parts from other tracks in this one, maybe that’s why I like it. It’s first played when Angel appears to Roger as a military officer or something in Episode 14.

20. Prayer- WTC St.: The Final variation of Prayer. It has a grander feeling to it than the other two versions. But it’s basically the same as the other two, except the organ is higher and louder. I’m certain this was played in episode 17 as well.

21. Flag- This is another great track. It’s the patriotic song heard when Bonaparte is destroying the domes. One can only assume it’s the anthem of the Union. It has words, but again, it’s in a foreign language, so I can’t tell what the words are. A great track none the less, but it would have been nice to have another minute in length added. Oh well.

22. And Forever- Grand Central: I know I haven’t heard this track in the series. But it’s a nice piece of work. It’s good for an ending track. Too bad it wasn’t in the actual series, or I could be wrong, I just don’t remember hearing it.

23. Regend of First Memory- Ok, this is strange. It says on the case it’s a ‘bonus track’. And what a bonus! Five minutes and Thirty one seconds?! It’s about time! Actually, it’s not a new song. It’s a mix of the tracks from the first disc. For a mix it’s well done. It goes from one song to another while in the middle of another. In other words, It goes from Stoning to The Storm, to Stand a Chance, and several others included. I don’t know what emotions this track is supposed to arouse, maybe confusion. I guess these guys finally decided to loosen up and get creative, a little too creative. But it’s still a good track. But I feel the title should be different. I’ve never heard the word ‘regend’ before either. None the less, it’s a great way to end this fabulous cd.
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