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Lucky Number Seven

She stood there next to him in the elevator. Although he was unaware, she was watching his reflection in the brass doors. He was giving her quick glances out of the corner of his eye, looking her over, probably imagining things that he would never admit to.

She'd been living and working with him for over six years now, and ever since the first day they'd met, she always wished she'd be able to catch him stealing quick looks at her from across the room. For about the past four months he'd been doing so every chance he got, and it was obvious to her that there was some inner battle going on between Roger Smith's overly logical and mind and his lonely heart.

He rather nervously looked at his watch and then back at Dorothy out of the corner of his eye. He then turned to face her.

"Dorothy, I gave Norman the night off because I thought this job would take forever, but since we've gotten it done with a few hours to spare..." He cleared his throat and gave her a nervous smirk. "Would you like to go to dinner?"

She gave him the slightest bit of a smile to let him know she was very happy and to drive him wild.

"Yes, Roger."

He relaxed noticeably after she accepted his offer, and gave her a more cocky and confident smirk as he smoothed back some of the loose pieces of his black hair.

"Shall we go home then and change out of our work clothes?"

She nodded in agreement, knowing that he was implying for her to wear the new dress he had bought her a few weeks ago.

The drive home was pleasant rather than full of the twists, turns, and swerves that were usually associated with Roger's reckless driving. When they got home, he got out and opened up the car door for her like he usually did and offered her his hand. She took it and got out. He was indeed, good at wooing her. She hadn't been extremely concerned with what she was going to wear before, but now all these different things were coming to mind. She wanted to be perfect for him now, even though he was probably going to ruin it all by being a louse soon anyway.

He walked her to her room, and then went to his own. He picked up the phone and called The Belafonte, one of the nicer restaurants in town, and asked to talk to the manager. The manager was put on the phone immediately, and Roger greeted him.

"Hey Don, it's Roger."

"Hey Mr. Negotiator, what can I do you for?"

"Remember that favor you owe me?"


"Well, I just need you to get me a table for two. We'll be there in about forty-five minutes."

"Yeah I guess I can work it out. Just make a reservation next time will you?"

"Thanks Don."

He changed into his best suit and combed his hair back again. There was one piece that wouldn't stay put and he was getting very frustrated.

"Time for a hair cut I guess," he murmured to himself and left the fallen piece of hair where it was and wandered into the parlor after he put on some cologne.

Dorothy came out of her room a few moments later. She walked up behind Roger and put a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and got a good look at her. She was wearing the white pearl necklace he'd given her, and the red dress he bought her a few weeks before. It was cut low in the back and left open, revealing her smooth pale skin. On her delicate wrist was a ruby bracelet that he'd also bought for her. He was fully aware of the fact that he couldn't move, couldn't blink, and didn't want to.

Oh come on Roger, you know you love her. Just look at all the things you've bought her. A ruby bracelet, a pearl necklace, a red dress... You know you'd give her the world if you knew she really wanted it, his heart told him.

She's an android. What makes you think that she can even love? She could just be playing along with all of this. She's just a doll after all, his brain told him.

You know that's not true. After all the little moments you two have had over the years you're going to tell me that she doesn't feel the same way?

His heart was winning the battle.

"Dorothy, you look absolutely beautiful."

"Thank you Roger. You look very handsome. Although I do think I should give you another hair cut soon," she said and stood on her toes to brush back the hair that had fallen out of place.

He smirked. "Shall we go?"

She nodded and he got her coat out and helped her put it on. He got his and then took her by the hand out to the car.

She smiled and walked with him.

He drove nicely through the city again, and so far hadn't said anything to be called a louse for either. When they arrived at the restaurant, a valet parked the car and they walked inside. Someone was playing the piano in the back round and the place was packed. Roger slid his arm around Dorothy's waist while they were waiting and pulled her close, keeping a hand on her hip. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Tense, Roger?"

He looked down at her. "Not really, it's just too crowded."

The waiter came and seated them in the back of the restaurant, which was a welcome relief to Roger since he was very nervous.

You can fight any Megadeus, negotiate with anyone, do anything that needs to be done. But when you're with your little Dorothy here, you just get weak in the knees and you fumble over everything. Give in man, you're in love, his heart said again.

His mind had nothing to say.

They ordered and had a moment of silence between them until Dorothy asked him something.

"Roger, why did you buy me this dress?"

"Why not? You like it don't you?"

"Very much so. I was just wondering. I like my necklace and bracelet too. I feel better wearing things from you than from my father. It's easier to let go now."

"Well, beautiful girls should not be without beautiful things." He was cranking up the charm now.

She smiled. "Thank you Roger."

"How long have we known each other now Dorothy?"

"Six years, eleven months, and thirty days."

"Oh so our seven year anniversary is tomorrow?"


"We should do something special. I'll take tomorrow off."

"That would be very nice. The last time we had the day to ourselves was when you got shot... And you were passed out most of the time then anyway."

He put a hand on his shoulder, remembering how badly that hurt.

"Did I ever thank you for saving me that day?"

"I don't think so. I remember you grumbling something, but that was it."

"Hmmm. I'll have to make that up to you somehow."

The waiter brought them their dinner. After they were done eating, Roger mustered up the courage to ask Dorothy if she'd like to dance. She took his hand and they walked to the dance floor.

This was the only time that he had an excuse to wrap his arms around her and hold her tight. He once hated attending parties, but now he looked forward to them simply because he had Dorothy to bring along. He held her close and they danced. She started to giggle after a moment.

"Roger, that tickles," she laughed.

Sometime after they had started dancing, he started to run his fingers up and down the bare skin of her back, although he was unaware he was doing it.

He stopped and she looked up at him.

"Thank you for taking me out tonight Roger."

"You're welcome Dorothy."

"And you haven't been a louse once all day."

He smirked and dipped her quickly. He was still holding her there, leaning over her, and she squinted at him.

"Although, you are walking on thin ice Roger Smith," she said smiling.

They went home a while later.

Instead of calling it a night, Roger pulled Dorothy out onto the balcony with him.

"Roger Smith, you're going to get sick, it's too cold to stand around outside."

"Let's dance Dorothy."

He held her close, and took a peek at his watch. 11:58 p.m. They danced and danced, they're faces illuminated by the pale moonlight. Roger's watch beeped, it was 12:00 a.m., and he stopped dancing. She looked up at him. The carbon dioxide escaping out of his mouth created wispy smoke that quickly trailed off behind him in the breeze. He pulled her very close, leaned down, and kissed her on the lips once, very gently.

"Happy anniversary Dorothy. I love you."

"I love you Roger."

He kissed her again, longer this time, and she laid her head on his chest when the kiss was broken.

That's right, his heart told him. I've got the law of averages on my side if nothing else. And for once, your stubborn mind hasn't been placed over matter.

And we have come to terms.
-   -   -