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First Appeared:Ep. 3
The beautiful woman that catches Roger's eye early in the series is none other than Patricia Lovejoy, or is it Caseey Jenkins? Angel, beautiful but enigmatic, serves as personal assistant to Paradigm Corporation's CEO Alex Rosewater's. Under the guise of multiple personas and aliases, Angel is able to maneuver her way to a position of influence within the Paradigm City bureaucracy. Her job, to facilitate to Roger the desires of Paradigm City on a case by case basis, causes her to cross Roger's path many times. Strong-willed, sensuous, and assertive, Angel uses her cunning wit to keep Roger on his toes. Keeping her goals secret, Angel appears to be playing both sides of Paradigm while manipulating the forces at play to do her bidding.
Though they both appear to have an attraction to each other, Roger and Angel continually play a cat and mouse game of manipulation, angling for the upper hand. Angel's posturing for Roger's attention may underly her true purpose that seems to be ever unfolding. Though Angel fights for Roger's graces, her true intentions are never forgotten, especially with Alex Rosewater nearby. "Keep your friends close; you're enemies closer..." This statement describes Angel in more ways than one. However, in this case, it's hard to tell who is friend, and who is foe. Unyielding in her desire to control the puppet strings of Paradigm's main power players, will Angel be able to fulfill her destiny when she finally realizes it?
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