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Dan Dastun

Name:Dan DastunDan Dastun
First Appeared:Ep. 1
Occupation:Military Police Officer
Lt. Dan Dastun plays an integral role in the development of the citizens of Paradigm. Called upon to restore order while the denizons of Paradigm try to restore their memories, Dastun fills the job as head of the Paradigm City police department. Dastun is loyal, rules-oriented, and keeps order through a by-the-book process that never delves into the unconventional. Dastun has a long, thorough history with Roger Smith. Once friends through their service for the police years ago, their relationship appears to have soured in recent years due to the inherent differences between them. Roger's rebelliousness and unorthodox approach to situations does not sit well with Dastun and the inevitable butting of heads occurs on a regular basis, further burning the bridge that once linked their close friendship. When trouble arises, Dastun arrives with a purpose, however, Big O is usually at the scene causing difficulty in allowing Dastun to do his job. Having to contend with a mysterious Megadeus that usually takes credit for resolving the distress, Dastun must rebuild the reputation of a police department that has lost favor with the public. Furthermore, Dastun must fall in line with the bureaucracy that doesn't always have the will and desire of people at heart when running Paradigm City. With these factors all pulling at him everyday, Dastun has the unenviable task of playing peacekeeper for the domed (doomed?) city.
While on the job, Dastun has a tough as nails, no nonsense approach to restoring order to Paradigm. Hiding a lack of confidence as to his role in the development of Paradigm, Dastun nonetheless takes his job and duty seriously. Angered at the presence of a Megadeus that can solve the problems that are the police's responsibility, off the clock, Dastun is grateful and would not know what to do without the mysterious Big O. Despite his tough demeanor, Dastun realizes he desires a relationship with Roger, and yearns to rekindle the friendship they once had. With an obvious dilemma at present, does Dastun know Roger's secret role as Big O's pilot? What role will this play in helping to restore the once vibrant relationship? While realizing the need to follow Alex Rosewater's lead while "toeing the company line", Dastun yearns for the freedom Roger affords as a negotiator. Skeptical of Rosewater's causes as head of the city's controlling body, Paradigm Corporation, Dastun nonetheless follows policy despite his own beliefs. Dastun, while "controlled" by Paradigm, plays a key role in the freeing of Paradigm City from the grips of war.
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