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Eyes:1 Unknown, 1 Black
First Appeared:Ep. 4
Once a reporter for Paradigm City's newspaper publication, Michael Seebach wrote a publication to the disliking of the Paradigm Corporation. Upon his "dismissal" from his job, Seebach transformed into the irrate monster known as Schwarzwald. As the submerged personality of Seebach came to light, Schwarzwald stumbled upon the truth that is buried deep within Paradigm City. Smart, well versed, and slightly psychotic, Schwarzwald's purpose is to unearth to those of influence the fate of Paradigm City and the truth of the domed city's painful past. Fearing the public backlash from Schwarzwald's discovery, Paradigm City hired Roger Smith to deliver Michael Seebach's severance check to help prevent a public outcry and silence the reporter once and for all. Though badly burned and viewed as a hindrance more than a threat, Schwarzwald has another secret up his sleeve, one that rivals the very secret of Roger Smith's megadeus.
Schwarzwald's discovery of hidden memories buried deep within the subterranean world of Paradigm's underground has piqued the interest of Alex Rosewater. Having refused the buyoff attempt from Paradigm City, Schwarzwald floods the city of Paradigm with mystery and confusion through his articles harkening back to Paradigm's past. Speaking of the "true nature of Paradigm" and realizing he has the knowledge to "unlock to the truth" of Paradigm City, Schwarzwald will stop at nothing to make sure it is brought to light for the benefit of the Paradigm's citizens. With the knowledge he possesses his true weapon, is Schwarzwald truly the enemy Paradigm Corporation has made him out to be?
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