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Dagon made its appearance in episode 7. Its reputation as the "Sea God" or "Sea Titan" frightened people away from going out to sea, creating a standstill in businesses throughout neighboring towns. Dagon's "servants," who dove underwater in diving suits with a monsterlike appearance, activated the Megadeus in search of memories. Dagon then rose from the sea in a disguise form and headed for the city. When the military police attacked it, it caught fire and its true, robotic form was revealed. Not wanting its memories to be exploited, Roger used Big O to crush Dagon's head, destroying the Megadeus.

Disguise Form
Disguise Form
Dagon wandered around the city in this "Bigfoot-like" disguise form upon surfacing. Distressed, Dagon appeared to be searching for the master it once served.

Stored beneath each of Dagon's shoulder panels is a supply of missiles. Six of these missiles can be fired at an opponent simultaneously.

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