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Eumenides made its brief appearance in episode 10. It was actually a much larger version of the small walking robot bombs that were used throughout the episode to assassinate elderly city officials. Eumenides was operated through the use of a remote detonation device by a "phantom" woman who strongly resembled Sybil Rowan, an actress and anti-government activist who Dastun recognized from an old movie. When the phantom woman dropped the controller in a confrontation with Dastun, Roger took the opportunity to use Big O to throw Eumenides to a safe distance and destroy it with Big O's eye lasers.

Eye Beam
Eye BeamEye Beam
Eumenides can shoot long range destructive beams from its eyes.

The main purpose of Eumenides is to be a self-destructive device, so the bombs hidden within it are its most powerful weapon. Eumenides is unable to detonate the bombs itself and requires a separate detonation controller.

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