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Episode 17 Transcript: "Leviathan"

Episode opens with Schwarzwald wandering through a desert. He is struggling to get across the tremendous sand dunes. There are a handful of half-buried buildings sticking out of the sand. Schwarzwald narrates over the images: "Even without the events of 40 years ago, I think Man would still be a creature that fears the dark. He doesn't face that fear, he adverts his eyes from it, and acts as if he never had any memories of his history."

Scene shifts to a view of Paradigm City. A stained bandage floats through the air past Paradigm HQ, followed by printed leaflets. These blow through the city like a snowstorm. One side of each page is text, the other a black and white picture of some sort.

Schwarzwald continues to narrate: "But 40 years can be both a brief time and yet a long time. Man's fear has withered..." (We now see people on the streets of the city looking up, puzzled by the thousands of leaflets blowing by) "...and even Time tries to wither the drive to know the truth."

A well-dressed man on the street picks up a leaflet and stares at the drawing, his eyes wide with surprise. It seems to be a picture from the Book of Revelations, depicting an angel on top, a grotesque beast standing over a city in the middle, and a coiled dragon on the bottom of the page.

Schwarzwald continues: "Is it a crime to try and learn the truth? Is it a sin..." (we see him in a black and white memory fragment. He is in a plane hanger of some sort. Big Duo is parked there on its belly like an airplane, with wheels holding it up. Schwarzwald is dancing gleefully around it, his arms out like a child pretending to fly) " search for those things which you fear? My purpose in this world is knowledge and the dissemination of it and it is I who am to restore the fruits of my labors to the entire world!"

(Images from "Enemy is Another Big" flash over the screen, showing Big Duo's battle with Big O as Schwarzwald keeps talking) "Fear. It is something vital to us puny creatures. The instant Man stops fearing is the instant the species will reach a dead end, only to sink to pitiable lows, only to sit and wait apathetically for extinction! WAKE UP! Don't be afraid of knowledge!"

The scene changes to a luxury high-rise. The people within stare out of the windows in the midst of their celebrating, startled by the shower of leaflets. In another part of the city, in a resort area of some sort, we see Angel in a pink one-piece swimsuit lounging by a pool. She sees the papers flying by, and mutters to herself, "Schwarzwald!"

Scene cuts back to Schwarzwald still struggling through the desert. It almost looks as if he's lost in the Sahara. He finally crawls to the top of a huge dune and pulls himself back to his feet. Miles off in the distance, he sees the remains of an amusement park. We see the half-buried remains of an enormous roller coaster and a ferris wheel, as well as other smaller rides. Schwarzwald says, "Humans who lose the capacity to think become creatures whose existance has no value." He can see a tilted lighthouse through the spokes of the ferris wheel. It's also half-buried in sand.

Scwartzwald moves to the edge of the dune and spreads his arms wide. We see his left eye shining as he looks out. He spreads his arms out wider, as if in welcome. We hear him narrate: "Think, you humans who are split into 2 worlds, unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must THINK!"

Camera pans across dunes. There is a tremendous explosion in the distance. Something is approaching the tilted lighthouse very fast, kicking up great clouds of dust and sand. There is a closeup of Schwarzwald watching this, as he says, "Signed, Schwarzwald," then a closeup of the dust clouds rushing closer towards him. We can now vaguely see something dark, with 5 lights on it like 5 eyes, emerging from the clouds.


Cut to Paradigm HQ. Roger and Dastun are attending a meeting there with 3 of the corporation's boardmembers. One is a blonde female with strange black eyes, like an insect. One is a 40ish black man with a neatly trimmed beard and tinted glasses. One is a 50ish white man with white hair. Dan and Roger are sitting side by side, kitty-cornered from the boardmembers. Neither of the men look very happy to be there.

Roger (annoyed): "I'd have to say you have the wrong guy. I'm not exactly a bounty hunter."

Female boardmember: "Yes, of course, we know this, but your services, Mr. Smith, have been personally retained by our company's president, Mr. Rosewater."

Roger: "We all know the newspaper reporter, Michael Seebach, no longer exists in this city."

Black male boardmember: "Michael Seebach is dead, but the agitator who calls himself Schwarzwald has returned."

Roger looks down at the leaflet on the table in front of him. It is drawing-side up. "It seems he has," he replies, then taps the picture with his gloved fist. "But don't forget, there's freedom of speech. He has the right, doesn't he?"

White male boardmember: "Yeah, but he doesn't have the right to recklessly mislead the public and go stir up fear."

Roger: "So? What would you like ME to do about it?" He throws up his hands.

Dastun continues staring down at the table, silently frowning through all this.

White male boardmember: "It is our understanding that the contract previously agreed upon between yourself and Mr. Rosewater remains unfulfilled." (Roger's mouth drops open in surprise.) It is YOUR responsiblity to finish the job, Roger Smith!"

Roger stands and replies furiously, "Did you see my report? He BURNED the check!"

White male boardmember: "Of course we have! But don't you want to know everything that he knows?"

Closeup of the 3 boardmembers, then closeup of very unhappy Roger Smith. Dastun glances up at Roger, still remains silent. Cut to mini-tram going down to Paradigm HQ lobby, cut to interior. Dastun and Roger are the sole occupants of the car. They are both sitting there with their arms crossed. Finally Dan breaks the silence, saying, "I can't believe that guy is still alive."

Roger says sternly, "I won't work with the Military Police looking overy my shoulder."

Dan looks at him. "Relax, Roger. We wouldn't put you under surveillance. Wouldn't do any good anyway."

Roger shrugs. "Dastun, I guess I should be offering you my sympathies."

Dan raises a hand. "Knock it off. Hmmmn..." The colonel closes his eyes and smiles slightly. "I haven't given up. I DO have to say that lately..." (he looks out window) "...I'm being forced to face up to my limitations, whether I like it or not."

Closeup of Roger. He has a serious look on his face. He says, "The Military Police are absolutely vital to all the people (he closes his eyes), especially outside the domes."

Dastun: "Until the black megadeus shows up, anyway."

Roger turns to look at Dan, a slight frown on his face. "Hm?"

We see Dan's reflection in the glass behind Roger. The colonel is looking intently at Smith, but says nothing more.


Roger (driving) is thinking aloud: "Schwarzwald...He's attempting to spread terror in the city again, but is that what he's REALLY after? That man had fallen under the megadeus' spell. Could he be that foolish to try something like that again?" He sees one of the pictures lying on the highway. It blows away.

Cut to burnt-out apartment Schwarzwald had typed his original manuscripts in. Roger returns to the apartment to look around. Schwarzwald's old typewriter (manufactured by "Another Light") is still there. Roger remembers their first meeting. As he stands in the ruined doorway, the building begins to tremble as if in a quake, and a distant whirring cry is heard. Roger runs out onto the roof and scans the horizon, looking out towards the desert beyond the city's boundaries. He hears the sound again; it is coming from the desert.


Cut back to desert. We see Schwarzwald's tracks being covered up by wind-blown sand. Schwarzwald says, "Don't you find it odd that there is only one man in this whole city who has the desire to pursue the truth?"


Cut to Amadeus Restaurant. It is empty, save for Instro and Dorothy. She is still taking lessons from him. He compliments her on how she's learned to change her tempo. She thanks him. He tells her it's been slow at the restaurant lately, and he is going to play an organ at a church later that day.

Cut to Instro performing at the church. The congregation is singing as he plays. Dorothy is standing in the aisle, observing and listening.

Instro: "More and more, people have been going to church lately. They all believe that by singing there, they will be saved from some fate. I don't understand their reasons, but if my playing can help them, if only a little..."

Dorothy turns and leaves. More copies of Schwarzwald's leaflets blow by her.


Cut back to Roger. He is climbing down to the lower levels of the subway, following the same path he followed in "Underground Terror." Schwarzwald narrates as we watch Roger climb down: "You poor souls, who fear the darkness and the deep. When you suppress that fear, you will be able to get closer to the truth."

Roger looks down from the ladder. This is the spot where he had his panic attack and collapsed to the floor. He thinks to himself: "The truth you're looking for is all in your head. I keep telling myself that, at least." He gracefully leaps down from the ladder to the ground. "These days, it keeps my mind calm. Certainly better than the alternative."

He walks to the chamber where the old Expo hall was, nervously adjusting his tie. More images from "Underground Terror" flash on the screen, showing where he and Dorothy first entered the chamber, then saw the archetypal megadeus.

Roger continues talking to himself: "But still, the thing that was lying dormant here, deep underground, could that have been the truth that Schwarzwald was talking about?" He remembers how the reactivated Big chased him and Dorothy through the tunnels, as it tried to catch the little redhaired android.

Roger: "If that monstrosity that tried to steal Dorothy's identity was the archetype of a megadeus--no, a Big O!--then..." Roger continues walking down through the chamber. He sees huge fresh tire tracks in the ground. He begins to run, stops short in front of the tunnel opening where the archetypal megadeus had first lain. It now looks like a contruction site, with scaffolding and fences. The Big is gone.

Roger: "Uh? What on earth?" He stares at the site in surprise. The tunnel has been extended into another section. He growls, then decides to see what's there. It's dark and filled with shallow pools of water, but the power still works. He discovers an old-fashioned typewriter in a puddle in the middle of the path. There is a piece of paper still in it, covered with words. He reads it. We hear Schwarzwald's voice narrating the words: "There is but one truth. If you avert your eyes from it, you will always remain nothing more than a puppet." the entire page is covered with the same phrases. This infuriates Roger. In a rage, he tears it up and yells, "I've had ENOUGH of this!"


Cut back to desert beyond Paradigm. Once again we see the tilted lighthouse near the amusement park. The city is visible in the background. Another view of the lighthouse, through the spokes of the ferris wheel. Great clouds of dust and sand are rising out of the desert, as something very large moves through the dunes. The strange whirring cry is heard again, and a giant whirlpool appears in the sand, sucking the lighthouse down into the depths of the desert. The whirlpool rapidly spreads in diameter, easily swallowing a rusted-out ocean liner also stuck in the sand. There is an explosion as the ship finally disappears beneath the surface. Dark spark-filled clouds fill the sky. Schwarzwald narrates: "In the words of Schwarzwald, who is closest to the truth, imagination and memory are but one thing, which for diverse considerations have diverse names." (Camera pulls back, showing the domes and buildings of Paradigm in the foreground, vast clouds of smoke from the desert glowing a lurid orange in the distance.)

Cut to M.P.H.Q. Alarms are going off, and officers are hustling through the building. Dastun is striding purposefully, his face grim, thinking to himself: "They tell me not to make any moves until after something has happened...How the HELL are we supposed to protect the city when it keeps coming under attack from all these things with incredible power?" We see squad cars and tanks pouring out of the M.P.garage.

We next see Dorothy walking home from the church where Instro was playing. As she passes an alley, she pauses and starts talking in machine language. Startled, she covers her mouth with her hands, silencing herself. Her eyes wide, she glances down the alley. She sees one of Schwarzwald's pamphlets stuck against a chain link fence at the far end of the alley.

The scene cuts to Big Duo's ruined face. Roger is on a catwalk further down the tunnel he was exploring, and is staring open-mouthed at Big Duo. It seems to be in the process of being repaired by spider-like machines. He says, "It--can't be!"

Cut back to Paradigm City. As we watch the military police surrounding the outskirts of the city, and Dastun watching the approaching billows of smoke, we hear Schwarzwald again narrating: "Foolish denizens of Paradigm City, so long as you exist together, continue to live your lives together and share your mass illusion, a single dragon will be born there."

Dastun (putting down his field-glasses): "Megadeuses! Why do they keep coming?"


Scene cuts back to underground tunnel where Big Duo is being repaired. Roger: "So this is where they have been hiding it, and yet, what do they plan to do with it?"

We see Alan Gabriel's hand flick several switches, and lights come on further down the tunnel. Roger sees this and walks towards them, surprised and a little frightened by what he's looking at . He says to himself, "So that's what it is..."

Dastun orders an attack on whatever is coming from the desert. They have no affect on it.

Cut back to tunnel. We can see 3 more megadeuses being repaired. They are the 3 Roger fought in Act 14. Roger says, "Megadeuses from a foreign country--this is what they were...really after...what's here is--." He's interrupted by Alex Rosewater, who is above him in an elevator. Alex says, "...A Big."

Roger turns and glances up when he hears Alex. "Alex Rosewater!"

Alex joins him on the catwalk after exiting the elevator.

Roger: "You're saying there's a Big O hidden inside there?"

Alex: "The reporter called the red megadeus 'Big Duo.'" (Another shot of Big Duo's ruined face. Like Schwarzwald, only its left eye is intact.) "It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?" There is a teasing tone to his voice.

Roger: "What are you planning to do with them?" Camera passes over all of the megadeuses in the tunnel.

Alex: "I HAD thought, that if anyone were to understand, it would be you."

Roger: "What are you talking about?"

Alex: "Are your values so narrow-minded, Roger Smith, that the gigantic Big O makes you feel..." He pauses, chuckles, smiles broadly. "...justified?"

Roger scowls. Gabriel is still in the elevator, watching intently and smiling.

Cut back to the military police. They are still firing missiles at the thing in the desert, but it's useless.

Dorothy is standing on roof of a building. She seems to be having a conversation with something, saying as if in answer, "I don't know. Are we the same? You've lost your conscience."

The thing in the desert briefly leaps out of the sand. It looks like a giant eel.

Back to tunnel. Alex says to Roger: "And with that you're so cavalier, you run wild and destroy! Oh, that must feel good!"

Back to battle on outskirts of city. The creature finally reveals itself entirely. It looks like a dragon. Dastun is on his knees: "Is that--is that a megadeus?" Spotlights catch the creature's face. It is definitely mechanical. It makes the whirring cry again. Meanwhile, people continue to sing in the church as the dragon wrecks havoc in the city. Its claws seem to dissolve whatever they touch to dust.

Schwarzwald narrates over the action: "Yes, that ancient mechanical dragon is a mirror of none other than yourselves, you fools! The anxiety within you has no outlet. It has no past and no future." The camera shows frightened people watching from the buildings as the city is being attacked.

Back to Roger and Alex. Roger says angrily: "You want to experience what I feel?"

Alex: "Oh, I already have power. The power that makes people do what I want."

Roger: "And what do you want those megadeuses for?"

Alex: "Because they represent a symbol."

Roger: "Of what?"

Alex: "Their masters are agents of the power of God. Hmmm! No, that's stretching things...I'm simply a human being who was born already possessing the qualifications to use a megadeus properly. That would be nothing like you."

Roger loses his temper. "I've had ENOUGH of this!" he declares, and strides purposefully towards Alex. Alan Gabriel suddenly pops up directly in front of him, taking him off guard. Gabriel brandishes a rapier. We see several pipes cut loose, then blackness with red drops scattered across it like blood.

Cut to the Smith mansion. Norman is trying to reach Roger, but the video phone is not working. He can't get through. "Oh my," he murmurs. "I suppose it leaves no choice." He turns and uses a secret passage to get down to the Big O.

Back to Roger. Gabriel has forced Roger's head back, exposing his neck to the tip of the rapier now resting on Roger's throat.

Gabriel: "That's a good boy, Roger Smith--All in good fun." He is standing over Roger like a giant spider, pushing the negotiator backwards over the catwalk railing. Roger has managed to grab one of the loose pipes. He is using it to keep Gabriel's body away from him. It seems to be a stalemate.

Roger says defiantly, "I'd be interested to know if you have blood or oil flowing beneath that stupid mask of yours."

Gabriel: "I'll show you my blood if you'll show me yours."

Roger: "You're the only one who's gonna bleed."

Closeup of rapier tip pressing deeper into Roger's throat, then of pipe pushing deeper into Gabriel's midsection.

Alex says patiently, "Alan--don't be vulgar." Gabriel leaps off of Roger. He bows deeply at Smith, then walks away from him backwards.

Roger straightens up and throws away the pipe. He is even angrier, and says to Alex, "Oh, now we're playing the hero, are we?"

Alex: "Unfortunately, my Big doesn't have everything that it needs. For the time being, you're the only Domineus of Megadeus."

Roger: "What do you mean?"

Alex: "We're inside an electromagnetic barrier. Your communicator is useless here."

Roger is taken aback. He quickly checks his watch. Alex has told him the truth.

Cut back to Paradigm City. The dragon continues to destroy the place as it makes its way towards Dorothy. She is still on the roof, calmly talking with it. She says, "Stop now, you must please. I can't be a part of you." It seems to talk back. Dorothy replies, "I--can't. No one can." They stare at each other briefly in silence. Then the dragon rears back as if to attack her. We see Dastun running up--he stops in horror as the creature brings its claw down to smash Dorothy.

There is an explosion in the street directly between the creature and Dorothy. The force of it flings the dragon backwards onto the ground. It is Big O.

Dastun cheers at the sight, then calls out, "Roger!"

The dragon stands up and goes back to attack. The Big O just stands there, waiting.

Dan, surprised at the black megadeus's lack of action, yells, "What's wrong, Roger? Move, damnit, move!"

The dragon gets closer. Big O punches it in its midsection, knocking it back down again. Dan cheers.

We see Roger dashing frantically across the roofs to get to Big O. As he runs, he looks at the dragon and asks, "Are you another archetype?" Using his watch gauntlet, he swings from the roof to the Big O, who promptly opens the doors to the cockpit. Roger is surprised to find Dorothy in the pilot seat. She moves out of the way, letting Roger take over control. "What are you doing here?" he asks her. "Tell me, did that thing call for you?" A thoughtful expression passes over his face. "Or...did you happen to call it?"

Dorothy replies calmly, "That dragon is a ghost, from long ago."

Roger: "We'll just send it back to the grave, then."

The dragon stands up again, and comes back to fight. Roger yells, "Action!"

The dragon stamps its foot, setting off a seismic wave and collapsing the street. Everything in the area, including Big O, falls into the crater. Dan managages to run to safety.

We hear Schwarzwald again: "Each person's jealousies, their desires, their fears, alone each may be a small part, but together they become an enormous hole that will take shape." The dragon moves closer to attack Big O, its two front claws glowing.

Roger yells, "Hey, Schwarzwald! Here's an ending that doesn't appear in your prophecy!" He flicks a switch on top of the right joystick, and fires a laser at the dragon, destroying its head. As it falls forward, Big O grabs its forearms, careful not to touch the glowing claws. Even without a head, the dragon is still fighting. Big O manages to stand upright, forcing the creature back. The black megadeus then forces one of the glowing claws backwards, touching a power center on the dragon's own body. The thing explodes, so that it is utterly destroyed.

Roger: "A fond farewell, my prophecied leviathan." Dorothy watches silently.

There is nothing left but a huge crater in the street. The sounds of the parishioners still singing fills the air. More of Schwarzwald's leaflets blow by, but they are ignored now.

Image of Schwarzwald's typewriter appears on screen. Roger narrates over the image, quoting Schwarzwald: "Imagination and memory are but one thing, which for diverse considerations have diverse names." He and Dorothy are back at Schwarzwald's burnt-out apartment. They are in the doorway, looking into what's left of the place.

Dorothy says to Roger in response, "Are you suggesting that was Schwarzwald, Roger?"

Angel's voice comes from behind them, startling them both. She says, "I'm beginning to wonder." She is standing outside, by the stairs. Dorothy stares at her coldly.

Roger: "Angel, what do you mean?"

Angel pulls a single soiled strip of bandage from her coat pocket.

Roger: "What's that?"

Angel: "Schwarzwald had those leaflets printed up and passed them around before he went crazy in Big Duo."

Roger is surprised. "What did you say?"

Angel continues: "There's a shoreline beyond the desert to the east. His body was found there. Schwarzwald--Michael Seebach--hasn't been among the living for a long time."

Cut to closeup of Roger. He is stunned, gasps at the news.

Cut to closeup of trash in the desert. A single tangled strip of gauze bandage is caught on a stick, blowing in the wind.

End of episode.
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