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Episode 18 Transcript: "The Greatest Villain"

Scene opens at prison--it's night and there's a bad thunderstorm raging. We go into a cell, and see Beck and his two henchmen inside. They've jerryrigged a kind of lightning rod, which is attached to the wires of the prison security system. Beck wants to short it out so the 3 of them can escape, and he can get his revenge on "crowboy." He succeeds and they escape.

Cut to Smith mansion. We hear Roger starting his usual, "I am a negotiator..." rap, but then he starts repeating it and we see him happily dozing in his bed, a sweet smile on his peaceful face. Dorothy opens the bedroom door and watches for a moment, then closes it. We next hear the grating sounds of a piano and poor Roger is blasted out of dreamland. He storms out of his bedroom, VERY ticked off. We next see the piano is closed up, with ropes around it as if he's decided to have it removed. Dorothy stares at it rather forlornly.

Roger is again thinking aloud about how part of being free means having the luxury of sleeping past noon sometimes. He yawns as he drives the Griffon to his new client. It is a Japanese industrial firm, responsible for building most of the biggest domes of the city. It is so powerful they have an entire dome for themselves, and inside it looks like a miniature Japan, including an almost life-sized Mt. Fuji. When Roger meets his new clients, he is somewhat puzzled because none of them speak a word of English and he doesn't know what they want. (They are all drawn as caricatures of how Westerners used to view Japanese nationals: buck-toothed, tiny, giggly. Roger towers over them.) They indicate they want him to follow them a down a gorgeous tatami carpeted hallway and he good-naturedly follows. He then comments in his voice-over that nobody saw him again after that.

Cut to the Smith mansion that evening. It is pouring again. Norman and Dorothy are waiting for Roger at the dinner table. He never shows up, never calls, nothing.

Cut to Roger. He is manacled to a wall inside the industrialist's building, as if crucified. He is struggling to get loose (his tie is gone, btw.) A strange kind of helmet closes over his face and shoulders; it has blinking lights, muffles his voice. We can see his eyes widen with surprise, then he gets mad again and starts yelling. Beck shows up with a bunch of Japanese businessmen and techs. He tells them (as if leading a tour group) that Roger is the evil pilot of the evil obsolete black megadeus, and that he, "Dr. Becklin," will fix everything for them, leading the way for their come-back or something thanks to his own genius for design. Roger is startled to hear that Beck knows he pilots Big O, and wonders how he got that info.

Cut to the next morning. Dastun shows up at the Smith mansion and tells Norman and Dorothy that Roger has been kidnapped. He gives Dorothy Roger's tie as proof, then says the MPs will handle all negotiations to free Roger.

Back to Roger. The helmet is gone, but he's still hanging from that wall. He wakes up groggy and starts muttering to himself. He hears his own voice being echoed and that wakes him up completely. He's shocked to see a partial robot of himself right in front of his face (only his head and small portion of his upper torso.) He starts yelling at the thing and it imitates him perfectly, yelling back his words simultaneously. This of course infuriates Roger ("STOP MIMICKING ME!") He gets really mad, and manages to activate the laser beam on his watch, cuts through the manacle on his left wrist. Gloating over how he's gonna get Beck, he calls for Big O (which the Rogerbot promptly repeats)...but Beck instantly shows up and grabs the watch from him.

Beck gleefully tells Roger he's fallen into his trap. He's gonna use the Rogerbot and the watch to lead Big O to the sea and sink it. Roger manages to break free and dashes at Beck, but Beck is ready for him. A glass column falls over Roger trapping him (of course, Roger can't stop in time and slams his head into the glass wall...he is having a REALLY bad time of it.) Beck cheerfully starts taunting Roger.

Back to Smith mansion. The cops have NOT had the chance to connect their tape recorder to the phone when the kidnappers call. Norman is too nervous to answer, so Dorothy goes to pick it up. Dastun gives her 2 very specific instructions: 1)agree to everything the kidnappers ask; 2) never contradict anything the kidnappers say.

She has an extremely polite conversation, wishes them a nice day and hangs up. When Dan asks for what was said, she refuses, reminding him of his first rule and saying the kidnapper told her to tell the MP nothing. She is going to handle the negotiations. (This is also when we learn for the first time that Dastun knows she's an android.) We see her take off on an old pedal-powered bike (imagine Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz") with a black suitcase firmly strapped to the basket in front. She rides like the wind, and the MP are hard-pressed to keep up with her. Dan is extremely annoyed at this turn of events. Just before they arrive at the turn-off for the Japanese dome, the MPs hear that the black megadeus has been seen on the outskirts of the city, walking to the sea. Dan orders everyone to turn around (they do a Keystone Kops kind of maneuver) while Dorothy continues on with her mission.

Cut to Big O. It is striding down the street, following a tiny remote controlled motorized cart (looks like a hotdog cart, actually) with the Rogerbot torso stuck on top, and Roger's watch in front of the 'bot's mouth like a carrot on a stick. The Rogerbot is yelling, "BigOBigOBigO..." as it rolls down the street.

Beck has set a tv screen up in front of Roger's glass prison, so the negotiator can watch his megadeus be destroyed. Beck gloats, Roger fumes. The Rogerbot falls off into the sea, and its voice is silenced. Big O takes a single step off the edge and stops, balanced on one foot. There is no more voice to follow. Now Beck fumes and Roger gloats, commenting that Big O is too smart to follow a fake like that.

Now Dorothy shows up. She comments in a rather disappointed voice that Roger doesn't look quite as tortured as she expected. Beck exults that now he's got everyone here, since Roger's "android lover" has shown up to save him. Roger growls that's preposterous, it's not like that at all. Dorothy looks right at Roger and says she's come to save the man she's works for...then waits a beat and adds, "the man I love." Roger gets extremely upset, starts sweating profusely (kinda like when she almost broke his back when Beck messed with her disc drive the last time.) Beck is loving this.

Dorothy comes closer; she pops open the briefcase and dumps the contents onto Beck, knocking him to the ground. He is surprised to see hundreds of copies of Roger's watch, since he had commented earlier to one of his henchmen that he had expected money. She then asks Roger why what she said was preposterous, why is he so cruel to her? Roger looks extremely unwell.

She moves directly in front of the glass prison and watches Roger sweat a little more. She then says deadpan, "I'm joking, Roger Smith." He relaxes, she smashes the glass and frees him. He comments deadpan that negotiation should rely on violence as only a last resort. She thanks him for his advice, but says she doesn't want his job.

Beck laughs and turns on an enormous overhead magnet. The watches fly up, then Dorothy starts to rise before Roger can grab her. Beck seizes her and says he has uses for her, then opens up her disc drive. To his surprise, she has placed a barrier inside it, so he has no way of slipping another disc in. She glares at him and tells him he never learns. Her black headband then pops off the edge of the disc drive, whirls around like a boomerang and slams itelf around Beck's neck. Since it's metal, Beck is now stuck to the magnet. He tries to turn it off, but the control box is stuck control-side up against the magnet as well, so he can't get to the buttons.

Roger climbs up a nearby cable and grabs Dorothy mid-air, then pulls her out of the magnet's range. Once down on the ground, she offers him a new tie to make up for the last one. He is pleasantly surprised by the gesture and tells her she's saved his life. He says he would like to thank her some day as he reaches for the tie. She replies she doesn't want him to thank her some day, but she would like him to do a favor for her. As they chat, they continue looking intently at each other, and their hands touch as both hold on to the tie. Meanwhile Beck is shrieking for help as they ignore him.

Beck's 2 henchmen free him. Roger and Dorothy make their way outside of the building. She helps him knot his tie, then surprises him with another watch...he is VERY pleased. Meanwhile Beck and his men are seen speeding down 3 separate roads in very fast modernistic cars. They connect the 3 to form a giant robot, very much in the manner of the old Power Rangers. This creation is the brainchild of Beck's genius. Roger notices it, calls Big O. As this new colorful robot dances around to power up (as Beck is boasting about its abilities and the mysteries of the Orient) Roger asks Beck how he knew he was Big O's pilot. Beck replies a memory fragment popped into his head, and he calls Roger "Domineus," then reassures Roger all of his (Beck's) memories of the negotiator are about to disappear as he destroys Roger and the Big O. Roger then calmly pulls an Indie (as in Indiana Jones vs the swordman in the original movie): the Big O blasts Beck's still-prancing giant robot to bits using the new rotating laser gun. The cops have arrived by now. They cart Beck and his men back to jail.

Roger and Dorothy drive home, her bike rattling around in the Griffon's trunk. Roger tells her that for an apprentice negotiator she did very well. She thanks him, then reminds him of his promise to do her a favor. Smiling, he says sure, whatever she wants is fine with him.

Cut to following morning. Dorothy is pounding away at the piano as Norman dusts. Roger is huddled in bed, squirming under his blanket, miserably reminding himself that a promise is a promise.

End of episode.
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