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Episode 22 Transcript: "Hydra"

Roger has been invited to a luncheon at Alex Rosewater's fancy home, supposedly to talk about something, but Rosewater never really gets to the point (which annoys Roger.) Alan Gabriel is there, playing butler for Alex and behaving himself. Rosewater plays with a Big Fau toy robot, and talks about how Big Fau never got properly powered up, and how that was the problem with it. He then tells Roger that thanks to Roger's past efforts, he was going to be able to power it up right. Roger keeps getting more upset, and has some sort of a small seizure, where he sees more of the same hallucinations, but that doesn't prove very enlightening for Roger either, and Roger finally leaves. For a moment (after Smith's departure,) it looks as if Alan is going to kill Alex, but then Alex says he had something for him, and Alan stops.

Meanwhile, the Military Police are rounding up all of the Union agents they can find. Dan has a file on Angel, listing her as one of them, but he seems a little reluctant to bring her in. According to Alex, the captured agents are merely being returned to wherever they came from.

Angel is wandering the rainy streets of Paradigm, and finally goes to Roger's house. He's not home, and she speaks to Dorothy. First she says she knows Dorothy doesn't like her, but she likes Dorothy. Then she tells Dorothy something and begs her to be sure to tell Roger, it's VERY important (We don't hear what Angel says.) Then Angel leaves. A few moments later, Norman comes up and asks Dorothy if anyone had come in. She says "No." He looks at the wet footprints on the floor, puzzled, and then Dorothy tells him that she is capable of lying, too.

Meanwhile, Rosewater's scientists are preparing to finally charge up Big Fau, and they start turning on all of their equipment. The scene cuts to Vera. She sets off a small radio-controlled explosion somewhere, and we now see what Alex meant. His scientists had grown another one of the hydras from the remains of the one Roger had destroyed back in "Electric City.) This one is white, and has 3 heads. It escapes into the river and starts attacking the city with itselectrical charges.

Roger is on his way home while all this is happening. He stops at a florist shop and buys a small nosegay of pretty flowers. Norman signals him there on his watchradio, and tells him there's a problem. Roger calls for Big O and attacks the thing, using the chromebuster like he did the first time around to destroy the original, but it doesn't work this time. It starts shooting electricity at Big O, shocking Roger painfully; he starts having crazy memory fragments again of the Event, and we see hundreds of Big O's marching, then a battle scene with Big O, the mechanical leviathan from before, Big Duo, everyone, then a closeup of what looks like Roger in a brown flightsuit inside a Big O cockpit, getting shocked. That sparks another memory, and he smashes his foot down on another control, bringing up another layer of controls for new weapons. He then uses a kind of electrical cloud that surrounds Big O, then expands out towards the hydra, vaporizing it. Meanwhile, the hydra's dying gasps produce a great electrical charge that the Paradigm scientists collect via an enormous lightning rod (presumably for Big Fau.)

As this is happening, Dorothy goes out to join Roger inside Big O. She is wearing a black, hooded rubber jumpsuit. She notices the little bouquet tucked in Roger's suit jacket ans asks who the flowers are for. He pulls one out and tucks it gently into her hair, and says he wanted to show her his appreciation. She then looks very intent and says she has a message for him.

End of episode.
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