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Episode 23 Transcript: "Twisted Memories"

Episode opens with someone's past memories. It's a wooden shack, heated with a wood-burning stove, there's a single covered pot steaming on it. It is dark and snowing outside. We see someone rubbing a child's back (with scars or birthmarks on the shoulderblades) and we hear a young woman say in a soothing voice that the marks mean the person is special, that they are a reincarnated angel. The camera pulls back, and we see it is a young blonde woman talking to a pretty little girl (it's the girl who has the marks.) We see the woman's face, and she looks a lot like a younger, prettier version of Vera. She then tells the little girl that: "A bird whose wings have been plucked will lose all its feathers before it returns to the creature it was before it evolved into a bird." The memories fade and we see it is Angel who is remembering. She is wet and cold and dirty, and walking alone down a tunnel (looks like the Lincoln Tunnel.)

Cut to Grand Central Station. Alan and Vera face off. Vera tells him that Rosewater's caught most of their people, and if she can't find the memories, the Union will turn Paradigm back to the wasteland it once was. Alan tells her there never were any memories. They both pull their guns. Vera says, "Adieu," and we hear them both fire.

Cut to Roger's living room. Dorothy's playing something pretty on the piano, Roger is in his pajamas and robe. They are talking about Angel's message "Tell Roger he mustn't let Alex get ahold of the memories under Paradigm and wake them up. He must not let anyone get the memories!" (to paraphrase it.) Dorothy tells Roger she lied to Norman. He reassures her that everyone lies sometimes, it's okay. She says, not for her. Roger then says that there isn't enough info in Angel's message for negotiations, and he must talk to her directly. Then he asks Dorothy if that's okay with her.

Cut to Beck's jail cell. He's bemoaning his fate, then the doors (yes, lots of doors---he must be in max security) open, letting in Alan and two armed guards. Alan has blood on his face. We learn Beck's first name is Jason. Alan takes Beck out of jail.

Cut to Ilesberry. The wheatfields are ready for harvest. Alex and Gordon are standing in the field and talking. Gordon is saying things about his coming harvest, then asks Alex what he does to earn his keep. Alex tells him he runs Paradigm, and doesn't Gordon ("Dad") remember he's his son? He asks him not to let his memories of life before the domes be lost forever, then starts getting quite emotional. Gordon glances at him, and says, oh, yes, you're my son, aren't you?,then turns back to the fields and says "You're all my sons and daughters." Alan asks Gordon, why he never hugged him, the way a father should hug a son. He starts to cry and hugs Gordon, saying, "Dad, I love you."

Cut to Roger at Dastun's office. Dan is going through the files of the Union suspects. They're chatting about how some of them are still out there. He opens Angel's file and comments about how some of his men reported seeing a strange woman at the checkpoint in the tunnel. Roger glances down and sees her picture, then notices the barcode under it. The numbers are the one from his halllucination. He gasps, has a small seizure and falls to his knees. He quickly recovers, assuring Dan he's okay. As he goes to leave, Dan says he'd like very much to get together with him again for a drink. Roger replies, almost sadly, he'd like that too, and leaves.

Cut back to Ilesberry. Gordon is alone now in the field. We see black smoke in the distance behind him.

Cut to Beck and Alan. Alan has brought Beck down to where Big Duo and Big Fau are stored. He tells Beck his services are needed. Seems Big Fau has everything but a core memory, and Beck had figured out a good substitute when he used R.Dorothy inside of Dorothy 1. Beck hems and haws about working for him, until Alan shows him a signed order of execution. Either Beckdoes as he's told, or he's dead.

Cut to tunnel. Roger is driving there, looking for Angel. He wonders if his eye has a barcode inscribed in it too. He spots a woman in a long hooded red cape. He stops the car and runs after her, shouting "Angel!" She darts down a hallway and he follows her.

Cut back to Ilesberry. We see spent cartridges on the ground, dead security/farm workers everywhere. Gordon still stands calmly in the now burning field. Fire iseverywhere.

Cut to the city. A horde of red scorpionlike robots are advancing down the street to Roger's place. Dorothy picks up on their sound as she is playing the piano.

Cut back to tunnel. Roger catches up with the woman, but it's Vera, not Angel. She is wounded, shot in the stomach. She tells Roger she has a message for their mutual friend whom he "seduced," and repeats the phrase about the bird whose wings have been plucked. Roger says he doesn't understand. She ignores his words, says she is going to now signal her people to destroy the city and return it to the wasteland it used to be. Roger pleads with her not to, but she setsoff several rockets, filling the chamber with fire. The rockets soar high above the city and explode.

Cut back to Smith's mansion. Dorothy is on the roof, talking to the robots. She learns they want her. Berg comes out and orders her to hide underground. He activates the mansion's defenses (metal doors, huge machine guns) and she flees into the house. The scorpion-mechas crawl up to the roof and attack. Berg fights back very effectively. He seems to be enjoyinghimself.

Cut back to tunnel. Roger had found shelter in the outer tunnel and survives the explosion. He stands. Norman signals him, and tells him the house is under attack. Roger rushes back. Meanwhile, his home is being trashed by the invaders. They break through the defenses, forcing Berg to retreat. He keeps fighting though, and activating more defense systems as he goesdownstairs to where Big O is.

Cut to view far outside city. The emergency services (MP, fire dept) are on their way to Ilesberry (or maybe's not clear which way they're headed.) Dan is wondering why it took so long for the fire dept to respond, and what a horrible way it was for Gordon to die. Dispatch calls and tells him there is something big happening in the illegal residence area, on 72nd Street to be precise. Dan realizes that's Roger's place, and orders everyone to go there.

The scorpion robots are everywhere, and overwhelming Norman. Dorothy realizes this, and leaves her safe spot in Big o's cockpit to help the butler. As she leaves, Big O's eyes flash. Meanwhile, we hear Roger order Big O to action (maybe he's operating it at a distance?)The scorpions seems to be winning. Dorothy stands between them and Norman. She tells Norman they want the memories buried deep inside her, horrifying memories even she cannot access. Norman begs her to run, but she doesn't. A scorpion reaches out for her, but Big O slams its arm through the wall and destroys it. Roger arrives at the mansion, and sees Beck hanging out in front. He charges at Beck and they argue, then Roger runs into the house to save Dorothy and Norman. He saves Norman's life, but another one of the scorpions grabs Dorothy before he can get to her. Hebegs her to free herself, that she is strong enough and fast enough to break free, but she doesn't. As the mecha starts to fly away, Big O and Roger reach out for her, but she's out of reach. Big O (with Roger now inside) crashes through the side of the mansion (totally trashing what's left of his house) and shoots out one of his hip chains. The projectile on the end has pincers. Just as he's about to grab Dorothy, the pincers get shot off, and the scorpion carrying Dorothy escapes. Roger/Big O turns to see who attacked him. It's the new refurbished Big Duo, who promptly charges towards Big O.

The scene cuts to an overview of Paradigm City, and we can see what looks like a distant squadron of planes headed towards the city.

End of episode.
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