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Roger's Mono Scripts

Note: These comic strips were included in the Japanese-language DVD release, and were reproduced in the art book, pp 13-15.

Act 01 Dorothy's Smile

Page 1, above frame 2:
Storytellers Hajime Yatate, Pencils and Inks Keichi Sato, Copyeditor and Lettering Masanao Akahoshi, Colorist Akira Tanizaki, Special thanks to Chiaki Kuronaka, Manaru Nakamura, Editorial Office TARHUS copyright 1999 Sunrise.

I can remember minutely the time I met her the first time. It isn't, of course, that I fell in love with her at first sight. It is, in deed [sic] because I felt a sense of incongruity in her eyes as she undid a blindfold and looked up at me. No, it wasn't only that. Also that of her pale skin, which looked like a light snowfall in that chill deserted house was of a reason. Not morbidly pale, but surely it was a perfect white that of china. Her face with finely crafted features, but lacks vigour in expression, had given me an impression of ironstone china. We have, so far, spent a long time together but the impression has not changed since.

Frame 3:
Does she still find the old man as she looks at the view beyond the dome from her terrace? With shoulder-length silver hair and beard, aquiline nose, drawn cheek and deep lines formed something that would not let people get closer. Were these dark glasses a manifestation of his wariness? One cannot tell his reverence or his desire, but one can imagine how much love he put into the girl whom he called his 'granddaughter'. Obviously her red off-shoulder mini dress isn't ready-made as its waist-line is embroidered with cedes [?] and a matching corsage is attached to it. Very good choice. The dressmaker did a good job. One could not tell if this was a good enough gift for the 'daughter' he had lost long before. He, but at least, is the only one that I know of, who could see her smile so close. The smile, that of an android's.

Page 2, Frame 1:
There was a time when I envied of it. But I knew she would be displeased if I ever said that in words. It is uneasy [sic] tell her mood from the sullen look of hers, of course. She might well say that I have not tried enough to make her smile. She wears almost all in black including her knee-length box pleated-dress [sic] and stockings, so her white collar and jabot stand out on them. It is the rule of this mansion. Her step-bobbed hair is in such a beautiful auburn with its bang being bound with a black headband and its sides being left longer. It looks wonderfully nice in her black dress.

My name is Roger Smith.
The negotiator of this amnesia town, Paradigm City.

Act 02: The Negotiator Must Be Cool

Storytellers Hajime Yatate, Pencils & Inks Keiichi Sato, Copyeditor & Lettering Masanao Akahoshi, Colorist Akira Tanizaki, Special Corrector Chiaki J. Konaka, Editorial Office TARHUS
Video, LD, DVD, Volume 1 (Y3,800), Volume 2 (Y5,000), Volume 3 (Include Act:04 & 05 Y5,000) '00.5.25 Release <Bandai Visual Co., Ltd>

Page 1, left of Frame 1:
While negotiating, one must stay cool. Cool enough to see through lies. Cool enough to detect one's intentions. A professional negotiator must be able to deal calmly particularly when one violates rules. Breaking a rule is not something of a difficulty. Neither a swindler's trick nor an empty revolver surprises me. Of course there is always an exception.

A veil of darkness casts shadows on the boot of the Griffon. The bloke had a strong accent. He was staring me eagle-eyed without a single blink. I was certain as to why he called me up to such a deserted street. He smiled triumphantly, and pulled out something from his bosom. Not a butcher's knife, it was obviously. As I saw a huge shadow behind his back, I floored the accelerator. The tail-fin breaks through the wind, thin beam from the headlamps illuminate the randomly laid road stones. Heavy sounds of footsteps chase through the valley of cheap flats. An explosive sound of footsteps. Megadeus -- a giant offensive robot.

Bottom of Frame 4:
I felt uncomfortable in my pair of gloves gripping the steering wheel. No, it was not only because I forgot to wipe off the oil of flied [sic] fish I ate earlier. It is not my intention to let this car be a lump of scrapped metal. This car certainly is equipped with a torque that has enough power to outdistance him. The rule breaker deserves a severe punishment of which I am aware what to do. And, I like the show extraordinary.

Page 2, above Frame 3:
I was looking down at the bloke so surprised from the top of a skyscraper. I guess his screams with that accent.

Top of Frame 5:
While negotiating, one must stay cool.

Act.03: The Man Needed For This City
Page 1, bottom of Frame 1:
In this amnesia city, the law does not always function right. Therefore a profession to save the situation is needed. That is a negotiator. A hospital I have visited is going to be completely bought over by real estate agents. There is no reason to turn down their project. Before anything else, the sharpies are too tough for them to deal with. What these sharks want, of course, is not this empty building exposed to the blazing afternoon sun. They just want to get the land, without the building, hemmed around by an iron fence.

Bottom of Frame 5:
Dan Dastun. Like me, he has a job necessary for this city. No, his is more necessary than mine in a sense. The military police he belongs to is truly a guard of the line in this city. However, it is also true that, against powers to nulify [?] the tanks, the military police is not as strong as a bodyguard or a curfew on the outskirts of the town. Knowing that, he keeps trying to fulfill his duties. This is Dastun, Major of the military police and a commander of a task force.

Page 2, top of Frame 1:
It was when I was young and worked for the military police as a lieutenant. I was indignant of myself being as dashing. The tall thin man had already taken a number of lives only by pulling the trigger. There he only one yard away from me. At this distance, no one could ever have missed a target even though he had drunk a bottle of bourbon whiskey. I felt the air hot. Also felt my body breaking out in a nervous sweat all over. He slitted [?] his lips to smile, or maybe just licked his lips. Anyway, his face implied a high probability of my death. Even if I had thrown the dice, it would have given me the same answer.

Bottom of Frame 4:
It was a bullet shot by Dastun that saved me in an abyss [?] of despair. The other officer said, with a look that seemed to me as if he was trying not to suppress [?] his feeling of relief:
"What we must protect are not only the law and safety of townspeople. One who is not capable of protecting himself cannot save the lives of others."
I cannot remember exactly what he said, but this is the idea what he meant.

Bottom of Frame 6:
Dan Dastun. The man headed for this city. He takes pride in his job. I feel proud of him for keeping this job.

Act.04: An Angel Does Not Smile
Page 1, bottom of Frame 1:
Darn it all! I didn't mean for this game to end up like this, of course. A harried [?] wife asked me to bring back her husband, who had been hanging around at casinos [?] spending most of his income. Yes, that is why I come here as a negotiator.

Bottom of Frame 2:
No more bets! cried the dealer. I had already placed my chips on the table. I made a bet on only one number. That was stupid, but not absurd. I know the game. And before anything else, money was appealing. As the wheel gradually slowed down its rotation, the ball began to lose centrifugal force. The familiar sound of the rattling ball was getting smaller. The rolling ball finally fell into a compartment [?].

Top of Frame 5:
What a tragedy! I let out a sigh. A gentleman should never glare at the dealer collecting chips.

Page 2, bottom of Frame 2:
It was not surprising that you appeared as a dealer, not as a cocktail-serving [?] girl. I wondered if this was the place where Alex Rosewater paid incognito visits. I didn't want to think about the relationship between that man and this girl for the moment. She seemed to be [?] a professional dealer, good enough to extract [?] piled-up chips without toppling them at all. Having neglected me so far, she smiled at me slightly at that moment. I tried to figure out the probability of her using tricks in cheating the game. However, I made sure there was higher probability than that.

Top of Frame 4:
How should I make an excuse to Norman? No, he is a wise man who would not ask me in detail. I am a professional negotiator. I should never pass as a pro in a field where I am not professional.

Act. 04: Disaster on Heaven's Day
Page 1, bottom of Frame 1:
"The world will be ending in seven days..." was written in a threatening letter addressed to Alex Rosewater, on this Heaven's Day. The disaster unleashed on Paradigm City. The suspect was a mad scientist who advocated restoring nature. He happened to reach [?] his memories of 40 years ago and spread about that the world was covered with giants long ago. If that is true, it is possible to say that 40 years ago, you could find treasures all over the city. Today most of the greens in the city are fake -- not natural. The phenomenon [?] I must deal with in the cockpit of the BIG-O is, of course, not natural either.

Top of Frame 3:
There appeared big fissures in the asphalt because of pressure from underground. What had been considered for this? Life is now floundering around with extreme power.

Page 2, Top of Frame 1:
The tremendous impact from inside the building ruptured [?] water mains and shattered windowpanes. We can cut stems here and there, trim [?] one or two. These vines are extending and growing with incredible speed, not giving us the time even by agression or containment. They continue to grow far and wide as if they were stretching out the building from inside. Is this really a plant? At the feet of the BIG-O, I feel tremors from deep under the ground. The tremors -- caused by this creature in front of me that is spreading out by roots underneath Paradigm City. I've never felt like celebrating Heaven's Day. But only this kind of day. I can give something to that android, deaf [?]...

Frame 5 Speech balloon:
I never let a monster like you run loose in this city!

Bottom of Page 2:
Urgent Notice!
Version 6 of VC, LD and DVD, containing a revised version of "Act 11 Daemonseed" a remix of this story, will be newly released on August 25. Just like the original version, this new version was written by S- Y- with storyboard by U- . Other staff members are Supervising Animators Kenji Hayote and M- H-. Supervising Mechanical Animators M- N-, Associate Supervising Animator R- N- Animation Inspector T- S- and Layout Supervisor K- S-. They are the best staff that supported TV anime. You expect with the revived [?] version of the BIG-O!

[Note: I could not make out most of the names. If anyone has names that fit these jobs & initials, let me know.]

Act.06: Some Facts About Megadeus.
Page 1, bottom of Frame 1:
Megadeus --
It appears in this amnesiac city abruptly at times but in such a grandmanner [sp] and its giant metal body rescues a family of but 8 [?]people looking up. However, does Megadeus ever injure people with eyes? There is always one aspect essential to operation of Megadeus. That is the fact that Megadeus exists beyond technology of this world. What doesn't exist within memory -- that's Megadeus. Yes, it is the memory that saves [?] people.

Page 2, bottom of Frame 1:
Someone regains his lost memory, which is not unusual. In this city, people lost their memory one day 40 years ago. But here the regained memory rarely belongs to that person! For a certain type of person, regaining memory might be the result of seeking power. And what if the regained memory had been implanted by someone else...? No, I shouldn't jump to a conclusion.

Bottom of Frame 5:
Scarlet Megadeus --
The man who sits [?] in BIG-DUO says he knows the truth. But I have no idea what you believe the truth is, but I'll show you the truth that I know of. The truth, that I am not a Paradigm's dog! And that the BIG-O will never lose [?]! You will see who rules in the BIG-O!

Act.07: Joy Conveyed by Music
Page 1, top of Frame 1:
This Paradigm City is a city of amnesia. Even so, one can live as long as machines work and electricity is produced. No, that's not enough. Man lives to seek for his own joy. Enjoyment in reading for joy becomes food for life. I've been thinking such thoughts, looking at two androids having a piano lesson

Bottom of Frame 1:
It seems she is not going to finish the lesson at all. Inster [Instro] joins [?] the tune. The music manage the joy of the players. Now it's difficult to tell which is a teacher and which is a student; these two androids are enjoying the piano lesson from the bottoms of their heart.

Page 2, top of Frame 1:
I want to stay with them as long as possible, but unfortunately I don't have that much free time. Though I'm a professional negotiator, I'm not willing needing practice [?] time like this.

Bottom of Frame 3:
According to Dorothy, Oliver's performance is not so talented. But that's not a problem. At least tunes of his saxophone are full of joy. That is the feeling that cannot be brought simply by the quiver of the eardrums caused by air vibration. The fact implies that the tunes he plays eloquently express his emotion.

Bottom of Frame 4:
I'm not going to guarantee that he will be "a big success in future". Future building [?] is not what a negotiator deals with.

Act.08: How to Deal with a Tactless Opponent
Page 1, bottom of Frame 1:
Flashy light is beamed from the head cover made of crystal glass with my megadeus. Chrome-buster. There is a reason for me to use preferably the beam at the end of the show. The beam is so dazzling that it gives one's eyes pain, but the brightness makes me feel comfortable as it helps me recover from fatigue after dark.

Bottom of Frame 4:
At times I come across a tactless Megadeus. To the opponent who seems so confident of his victory at that stage, I must give audible treatment. Yes, I certainly let out my voice it surprises. But I haven't admitted a defeat yet. Well, I do what I have to do before serving [?] him.

Page 2, top of Frame 4:
The BIG-O has a strong steel body. Having unusually huge legs for the body, the BIG-O stamps and trenches asphalt ground. It's of course calculated that the BIG-O goes down in the ground because of the forces of stamping and the deadweight. All I need to do is lever adjustment [?]. Unlike smart bombs, there is no need to have pinpoint accuracy.

Bottom of Frame 8:
Whether or not this is a suitable ending for the show is a stupid question. It's certainly possible to finish in a smarter way. But such a tactless opponent needs to be captured. I shouldn't make my opponent feel certain of his victory if he is not ready for what happens....

Act.09: The Second Heaven's Day
Page 1, bottom of Frame 1:
This year comes again the day that made me unpleasant, Heaven's Day. That's the festival day of Paradigm Corporation. Long ago, Paradigm Corporation used to treat the townspeople to bread and wine to celebrate the anniversary. As Paradigm Corporation prospered, money and gifts took the place of bread and wine and now this anniversary is remembered as a chief traditional event in Paradigm City. As Heaven's Day draws near, the whole city is getting a high sparkle. That is because of a desire to give a present to the one you love on the day, though it's hard to understand how the tradition of anniversary celebration has been transformed into such a custom.

Bottom of Frame 2:
What caught my eye on the way to work was a hourglass in an ordinary store window. For a while I couldn't take my eyes off. The hourglass [?] had a pair of funnelled glass bulbs with breathtakingly beautiful framework [?]. Fine grains of transfer sand. Simply but elegantly built, possessed me [?]. Everything was perfect. It was almost that the hourglass stood there waiting for me.

Top of Frame 4:
But oh, what a tragedy! When I visited the store again, all I could see was an empty space on the shelf, which clearly implied the fact that the item [?] was purchased by someone else. This couldn't happen if it were not Heaven's Day. There was no chance for me but to go back home in disappointment and regret.

Page 2, bottom of Frame 6:
What was wrapped up in elegant paper turned out to be the very same timepiece, which I found disappeared from the shop window. The gift was so considerate as to make me smile even though it was the gift for the despised [?] anniversary.

Bottom of Frame 8:
I've never felt like following the custom of Heaven's Day. However, it is not reasonable for a "gentleman" to simply receive a present.
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